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Task 1:

If one of your friends helped you move to your new apartment. How will you do to express your appreciation?


þ  Gift (book, DVD, cinema ticket…)

þ  Restaurant (buy him/her a lunch/dinner)

þ  Help him/her in turn

Sample response


I think I will invite him for dinner and stand a treat as appreciation. My friends all have their different preference for specific food and I can cater to their interests. For example, I can invite him to an Italian restaurant near my new apartment and enjoy pasta or pizza first and then, buy some scrumptious disserts take-out to home and have a chat. That would be wonderful and I believe he will be happy.


Task 2:

Some schools offer classes early in the morning while others provide classes late at night? Which one do you prefer?

Sample response


      I like classes in the morning because I am always an early bird and not fond of putting everything off to the end of a say. First, students can definitely learn useful knowledge more efficiently from say, 8a.m. till 11a.m. than in the afternoon. Besides, people may fell drowsy in the later half of the day so that studying at that time would be a waste of time.


Task 3:

学生写信 Eliminate community services

1) Students won't do community services after they graduate.

2) Students do not work hard before they are forced to, and this left a bad impression to the neighbors.

listening: 女的不同意

1) 很多学生选择这所学校就是因为community service是这个学校的requirement, 他们毕业以后也会继续做的。

2) 那个写信的人这样说是因为他自己有一些bad experience因为他被安排做了自己不喜欢的community service,女的认为这是他的exaggeration, 而事实上很多学生都是认真地,社区地反应也很好。

Sample response


A student wrote to the university administration proposing the cancelation of community services for students won’t continue to do it after graduation and the halfhearted work may leave a bad impression on the neighbors. However, the girl is against this proposal. First, she thinks many students choose the university for its compulsory community services. Besides, the student wrote based on his own unpleasant experience and most of the students are working hard and receive a positive response.


Task 4:

Reading: strategical alliance (different businesses combine resources to increase the product development and gain more profit)

Listening:一个chocolate公司和一个pretzel 公司一起做chocolate covered pretzel,很成功。

Sample response

In the reading passage, a business concept is mentioned called strategical alliance, which means different businesses combine resources to increase the product development and gain more profit.

And in the listening material, professor points out an example to illustrate this idea. One chocolate company once worked with a pretzel manufacture and producing the chocolate covered pretzel. Its success was the prove of strategical alliance.


Task 5:


男学生的朋友Sam搬出去住,准备办一个house warming party。他和另一个朋友给他买了一个book case作为礼物,是需要自己assemble的,结果组装的时候发现some part was missing

Sample response

The boy and his friend was going to send Sam a DIY book case at the house warming party but they found late that some parts are missing. There are two solutions now. they can either exchange an identical one or a new book case of other style. However, the same book case is out of stock right now and they have to wait for a whole week but other styles cost much more than the current one. I think they should take the second advice for the time limit though it may cost them more money.



Task 6:

plant 是怎么保护自己不被吃的

1) Physical adaptation

例子是一种grass的叶子上有一些很sharp的东西,用手摸就会cut your finger,所以动物在chew 的时候会uncomfortable,以后就不吃了。

2) Appearance

例子是一种植物,蝴蝶在上面lay eggs,之后会吃了它。但是蝴蝶不会去那些看起来occupied 的叶子上lay egg,所以他就自己伪装成上面有butterfly-egg-like appearance

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