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u  Integrated writing task:

Topic discussed

Dinosaur VS black skimmer



Main point: This kind of dinosaur is of the same kind of black skimmer

Key point 1: they have the same breaks with black skimmers

Key point 2: they can fly and hunt fish in the water

Key point 3: they enjoy eating things from the water


Main idea: they are totally different

Key point 1: their beaks are easily broken, while black skimmers’ can regrow.

Key point 2: they can not fly straightly into the water like black skimmer. If they do that, they will face great danger.

Key point 3: they are huge. It is inconvenient for them to fly. Eating things from the continent is more realistic.


Black Skimmer

【鸟类】剪嘴鸥(Rhynchops nigra产于北美)[亦作 black scissorbill]

dark-blotched marked with irregularly shaped spots or blots


翼展或者翼幅 linear distance between the extremities of an airfoil


下颌骨;上颚,嘴的上部the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth

elongated. adj.

瘦长的,细长的v. 延长(elongate的过去分词);把拉长


翅膀;鸟类羽毛the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds

tern n.

燕鸥;三个一组 adj. 三个一套的small slender gull having narrow wings and a forked tail

skimmer family









incubate vt. 孵化;培养;温育;逐渐发展

vi. 孵化;酝酿

n. 孵育物

1. grow under conditions that promote development

2. sit on (eggs)

scrape n. 刮掉;擦痕;困境;刮擦声

vt. 刮;擦伤;挖成

vi. 刮掉;刮出刺耳声

Sample writing

Both the reading passage and the lecture focus on the relationship between a kind of dinosaur and black skimmer According to the author, evidence has been found to prove its similarities. The lecturer, however, holds the opposite view, challenging the argument made in the reading passage.


The first point mentioned by the author to support the argument is they have beaks as black skimmers. On the other hand, the lecturer refutes this by saying that their beaks are easily broken, while black skimmers’ can regrow.


Moreover, the author talked about the fact that they can fly and hunt fish in the water. The lecturer casts doubt on this idea by saying that they can not fly straightly into the water like black skimmer. If they do that, they will face great danger.


In addition, the author points out that they enjoy eating things from the water. The lecturer challenges the idea by saying that they are huge. It is inconvenient for them to fly. Eating things from the continent is more realistic.


To sum up, the author contends that this kind of dinosaur shares similarities with black skimmers. However, the lecture deeply believes that they should be classified into two different types.

(202 words)

Supplementary readings

The Black Skimmer, Rynchops niger, is a tern-lik seabird, one of three very similar birds species in the skimmer family. It breeds in North and South America. Northern populations winter in the warmer waters of the Caribbean and the tropical and subtropical Pacific coasts, but the South American races make only shorter movements in response to annual floods which extend their feeding areas in the river shallows.

The Black Skimmer breeds in loose groups on sandbanks and sandy beaches in the Americas, the three to seven heavily dark-blotched buff or bluish eggs being incubated by both the male and female. The chicks leave the nest as soon as they hatch and lie inconspicuously in the nest depression or "scrape" where they are shaded from high temperatures by the parents. They may dig their own depressions in the sand at times. Parents feed the young almost exclusively during the day with almost no feeding occurring at night, due to the entire population of adults sometimes departing the colony to forage. Although the mandibles are of equal length at hatching, they rapidly become unequal during fledging.

The Black Skimmer is 40–50 cm long with a 107–127 cm wingspan. The males weigh about 325 g, as compared to the smaller female’s 235 g. The basal half of the bill is red, the rest mainly black, and the lower mandible is much-elongated. The eye has a dark brown iris and catlike vertical pupil, unique for a bird. The legs are red. The call is a barking kak-kak-kak.

Adults in breeding plumage have a black crown, nape and upper body. The forehead and underparts are white. The upper wings are black with white on the rear edge, and the tail and rump are dark grey with white edges. The underwing colour varies from white to dusky grey depending on region.

Feeding in the way that gives it its name.

Non-breeding adults have paler and browner upperparts, and a white nape collar. Immature birds have brown upperparts with white feather tips and fringes. The underparts and forehead are white, and the underwings as the adult.



u  Independent writing task:

Essay question

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement

It is more important for the government to spend money on art museums and concert halls than on recreational facilities such as swimming pools and playgrounds.


Art museums and concert halls

þ  Spiritual and mental development

þ  Enrich life

þ  National identity

þ  Cultural exchange

þ  Economic profits

Recreational facilities

þ  For relaxing

þ  Physical development

þ  Enrich leisure time

þ  Serve more people

Words & expressions

have a good taste for 有品位的

Millions of people have a taste for Starbucks, but last year McDonalds premier coffee got some good press.



enhance our physical ability 增强体能

Safflower seed oil is actually considered as "finest grade tonic to enhance physical ability".



keep us in good shape 保持体形

Swimming can not only make us strong and healthy, but also helps us to keep in good shape.



release our pressure 释放压力

Our scientists constantly now assess the situation and determine when we should release pressure.



superior insight 敏锐的洞察力

You need the kind of advanced guidance that inspires vision and helps you discover superior insight and achieve unparalleled results.



develop mind and body 促进身心发展

I believe that sports can develop mind and body.



spiritual civilization 精神文明

Cross-cultural interaction alone can enrich our spiritual civilization.



economic efficiency 经济效益

The focal point of our work is to increase economic efficiency.



establish a harmonious relationship with 建立和谐的关系

Through this outing, club members become more united and affectionate and establish a harmonious relationship with others.



Sample writing

Currently the controversial issue that it is more important to spend money to build art museums and music performance center or to build recreational facilities such as swimming pole and playground draws great attention from both the public and individuals. As far as I'm concerned, I support the latter.

For one thing, not every citizen have a good taste for art, because only some parents can afford the high cost of art education for their children, for example, playing the piano and painting. Therefore, children who have not attached to any forms of art may not interested in those places, so they seldom go and enjoy their leisure time there. Yet if it turns to recreational facilities, the situation will change greatly. Almost every family frequently enjoy themselves in the playgound. Parents look at their children run here and there happily, then they have a picnic together and make some jokes. I suppose everyone of us have ever had such a precious memory. The swimming poles are also impressive to us all. For this reason, those areas seem down to earth.

For another, recreational facilities satisfy our more basic and important kind of need as a human, because they promote our health condition, which is the greatest wealth for everyone. If we go to swim, run and jump on the playground frequently, we can definitely enhance our physical ability and respond quickly. Besides, they can help us lose weight effectively and keep us in good shape, which is a big thing to modern people. Then our capacity to deal with any physical challenge will improve considerably. However, listening to delicate music and appreciate nice paintings can just beneficial our health indirectly.

In sum, although art museums and music performance do so much good to citizens, say release our pressure and improve our understanding of culture and history, but when compared with health necessity and family entertainment, they become second things for us. Consequently, if there are not enough recreational facilities, the government should not pour the money into those art things.

(341 words)




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