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Task 1:

Talk about an organization or a club that you would like to join. Explain why you would like to join this organization? Please include reasons and details in your response.


þ  Club and society

þ  Extend one’s network

þ  Practice new skills

þ  Make the most of one’s spare time

Sample response


I would like to join a yoga club since yoga is my favorite sports which is conducive to one’s mind and body. First, I can stretch my arms and legs during the practice to attain better flexibility. This is an important part to maintain health. Besides, yoga is long seen as a very useful tool to reduce pressure. Every time I breathe in the unique way the yoga requires, I will calm. It’s a perfect feeling. What’s more, I can meet friends of the same hobby.


Task 2:

Some students prefer to study for only one long time during a week. Others students prefer to study for several short times during a week. Which way do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Sample response


         I prefer study a long time in one day for the following two reasons. First of all, I can take full advantage of the rest time to what I want like joining club activities, involving in volunteer works or doing part-time jobs which may cost a whole or half of a day that I wouldn’t be able to participate if I have class. Secondly, study for a long time is a more efficient approach for me because I will focus on my work and fully understand some difficult concepts. As a result, I like the former way of study.


Task 3:


Sample response


In the reading passage, a student suggests that school should add a three-day fall break just before midterm in each fall semester. In doing this, students can relax themselves during the break and get some time off to prepare for the their projects.

In the listening material, the boy is in favor of the advice. This suggestion is especially good for the first year students who need some time to get adjusted to their college life. Both the way to live and the study pace are different from that of a high school. Besides, it's pretty busy during the mid-term, perhaps with several exams in one day. Sometimes they will also have so many projects or research papers to complete. Students can use the time to do assignment and research to finish their projects and papers. The male student gives an example of his history class.


Task 4:


Sample response

In the reading passage, a psychological phenomenon is mentioned which is called friend affiliation. It refers to people’s desire to be a member of a certain group. Advertisers have to use the mentality, from both the positive and negative sides to sell goods.

In the listening material, the professor points out an ad campaign he designed for a soft drink company. There are two approaches. The first one sets on a party where everybody drink the same brand of new soda and are very happy. The soda then becomes an important thing in this situation. The next is about some young people are watching a football game in a stadium and suddenly one of them drink a wrong brand of soda. Then people all become quite, music stops and everybody look at him in a strange way and leave him alone, even his best friend. Then he realizes he makes a big mistake to drink the wrong kind soda and finally he changes the brand.


Task 5:


problem: 一女生和朋友看中一套房,签合同之时朋友去hiking,可女生又看中了另一套。

Sample response

The girl in the listening material decides to rent an apartment with her friend. But on the day of signing the contract, she finds a nicer one with larger rooms and closer to school and, of course higher expense. The problem is she has to sign the new contract on that very day but her friend went hiking and will come back a week later with no access to emails and mobile. So she can’t be able to contact her friend to make a decision together. 

The first solution is signing the new contract for the new apartment which is more expensive, closer to campus, nicer and due today without her friend's opinion. The girl can accept the rent but she doesn't know her friend's financial situation and is afraid that she will be unable to pay.  The second one is staying with the previous apartment they have agreement on which has right price and a ok place, but the girl don’t like it. I prefer the latter advice because if she decides to rent the new one without informing her friend, she may let her feel a sense of disrespect and may refuse to live with her anymore. The best way is to maintain the agreement and they can move to a new place several months later.





















Task 6:

早期人类two benefits of domesticating animals:好处1)驯养了动物以后,人们随时可以吃到肉,光靠打猎有时候打不到,就没得吃。举例:Goats were easy to control and they would move with people, then people could have consistent and reliable food resources. 好处2)人们可以得到很多products。举例:Goats could produce milk. People could not only drink milkbut also use milk to make yogurt and cheese.


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