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Task 1

One of your friends is about to have a new job and is very nervous. What advice would you give to him and explain why.

Sample response

I would tell him that having a new job is very common among people. According to U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the average person makes four to six career changes and 12 to 15 job changes in his or her lifetime. So, it’s unnecessary to be nervous. Besides, according to research done in Great Britain, the most stressful jobs involve direct contact with public in emotionally intense situations. Such jobs included paramedics, police officers. If his job is not on the list, there is no reason to worry about it.

Task 2

Some people think that it is not necessary for young children to have their own cell phones. What do you think?

Sample response

To me, I think it ok for young children to have their own cell phones. There are two chief reasons. First, children have their own cell phones can touch base with their parents in emergency. For example, when a child gets lost after school, he can call his parents to pick him up. Second, with the development of technology, nowadays cell phone can be used in many ways. For example, they can take photos, which is convenient for children who fail to take down all the notes in a certain time. In a nutshell, it’s necessary for young children to have their own cell phones.

Task 3





Sample response

The student in business department wrote a letter and suggested that the school board should give them opportunities to work overseas. Because students can accumulate experience and learn different culture by working in foreign country. The female students didn’t agree with the idea. There are two chief reasons. First, she thinks that students can get such experience without going abroad. One of her friends, she has an internship in a local company. She has many opportunities to attend foreign business conferences, therefore, she can learn as well. Second, the business department is not very large and cannot afford the expense of overseas internship. Besides, only excellent students can have this opportunity. The campus should invest something else to benefit majority of students.

Task 4

【名词解释】: Facilitation,通过给出一些线索和暗示,来帮助他人完成某件任务。

【教授举例】:教授曾经带一帮8岁的小朋友去图书馆告诉他们如何在图书馆里找到想要的书。教授告诉他们图书馆的书分为小说和非小说两部分,而且都是按照作者的姓的字母顺序排的。有一个小女孩想找Alice’s Wonderland但找不到,于是向教授寻求帮助,教授没有直接帮她找,而是问她, 这本书是真实的故事还是个虚构的故事,女孩想了想说是虚构的的,然后教授又说,这个图书馆里分为小说跟非小说的部分,女孩就说,啊,小说!然后5分钟不到就靠自己找到了。

Sample response

Facilitation refers to a strategy with which some people provide clues and hints to help others complete a task instead of helping them complete the task directly. The professor gave an example. Once he take a group of 8 year-old children to library and told them how to get the book they want. He also told them that library can be divided into two sections, fiction and nonfiction; and all these books are categorized by the grapheme of authors’ name. A girl wanted to find Alice’s wonderland but in vain, so she came to the professor for help. The professor didn’t help the girl directly. Instead, he asked her whether the book is a make-believe story or not. The girl answered make-believe story after a while. Then the professor again said that the library is divided into fiction section and nonfiction section. Finally the girl found the book.

Task 5







Sample response

The male student cannot graduate on time because he hasn’t sign up for organic chemistry course.  One of his friends told him that he can sign up for environmental chemistry as well. In the end he chooses that course because he is interested in it. According to the solutions, first, he can switch from environmental to organic chemistry. However, the course has been opened for three weeks. If he wants to change, he has to make up for the organic chemistry courses he missed. Second, he can give a formal request for a substitution of organic chemistry. However, it’s a time-consuming work; maybe it’s too late when the result comes out. So far as I am concerned, I prefer the first suggestion. He can switch from environmental to organic chemistry; although he has to make up for the organic chemistry, it won’t take too much time. Therefore, it is a practical solution.

Task 6






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