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Integrated writing task

Topic discussed: At a sale in California, envelopes containing photographic negatives底片被认为是Ansel Adams拍的。



底片被认为是Ansel Adams拍的,支持观点:

l  1. 底片拍的是Pine Trees leaning downward on a cliff。这在Adams兄弟的其他著名照片中也会看到。

l  2. 装底片的信封上面的地址以及各个底片照相内容的标注的书写非常像A兄弟的媳妇Virginia Adams写的。V姐主要负责给A兄弟当助理。所以很可能是A拍的,然后V负责给整理organize

l  3. 底片部分有火烧的印迹damaged by fire。而A的工作室studio曾发生过火灾,三分之一的底片被烧。



l教授说这几个support都不靠谱not convincing

l  1 底片内容是著名景点Yosemite National Park,是当地的标志性建筑,无数摄影师都去拍摄。不能证明这就是A独一无二的。

l  2 书写里面出现了misspelling,而Virginia从小就在Yosemite长大,教授说难道她从小到大一直都错着写?

l  3 当时底片用的化学材料极易燃flammable,因此摄影师们用的底片引起火烧在当地很常见,没有什么不同寻常的。



Yosemite National Park约塞米蒂国家公园

misspelling 误拼

flammable 易燃的

Independent writing task

Essay question

Which of the following do you think contributes the most to an enjoyable vacation?

Good Food

Good Location

Good Friends to travel with


这个作文题目并不难切入,任意选一点都是“有话可说”。比如选择location作为度假中最重要的一点。首先,去哪里独家决定了可以看到什么样的风景,拓宽视野broaden my horizon. 其次,去一个新地方可以给旅行者完全不同的经历。最后,新地方也会带来一些新的小挑战an opportunity to challenge myself。总之,文章难度不高。

Sample answer

When going on a vacation, a variety of factors can contribute to the overall quality of your experience. For me, the three biggest contenders are good food, good friends, and good location. However, if I had to go with just one, good location would win hands down.


When I travel, the first thing I'm looking to do is broaden my horizons. Food is certainly one way to do that, but it only constitutes a small part of how we can experience foreign cultures. And friends are surely great for the company, but they can also keep your mindset trapped in familiar territory while abroad. That's why food and friends are really secondary considerations for me while traveling. After college I backpacked alone through South America, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the food and longed for some familiar faces now and then, the most salient and enjoyable part of the experience was becoming immersed in a totally foreign location.

Actually, I'd go as far as to say that the experience would've been less enjoyable had I brought any friends with me. That's because when I'm visiting new places, I'm also looking to meet new people; traveling with friends can be great, but traveling alone really forces you to step out of your comfort zone and mingle with strangers. I had actually planned the South American journey months before with a friend of mine, but something came up and she was forced to drop out. The first few days after landing were terrifying. I'd never traveled alone before, and could hardly choke out two words of Spanish. But after a few torturous days of hanging around the hostel, I couldn't stomach the boredom anymore; I decided that I'd force myself to learn Spanish and talk to the locals. The next 2 months gave me some of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Finally, while most people take vacations as an opportunity to relax, I like to take them as an opportunity to challenge myself. Good food and good friends are great for relaxing, but they're not priorities if I'm seeking to push my individual boundaries. A good location, however, can provide a worthwhile challenge that food and friends alone will not--my 2 months in South America thoroughly convinced me of that. Learning a new language, meeting new people, learning to live with only what I could fit into a backpack--these were the challenges that this new location threw at me. Even today, I still consider the experience an important part of my coming-of-age.

These are the reasons why good location comes first for me. Now, don't get me wrong--I love good food as much as the next person. And you can bet my friends will tell you how much I cherish each and every one of them. But good food and good friends will both be waiting for me when I get back at home. Vacation is for getting away, and for that, a good location is crucial.

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