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Task 1

Talk about an interesting activity you recently participated in. Did everyone involved enjoy the activity? Give details and examples in your response.

Sample response

An interesting school activity I recently participated in was volunteer teaching. We went to a small, under-developed village that’s far from the city. Students from my school split into groups to teach the kids different classes. I was assigned to teach them English. I taught them some basic greeting skills that they thought was fun. During class breaks, all of us gathered outside to play sports of our choice. Some kicked around a soccer ball, some played the badminton and some played pingpong. Everyone had a blast. Everyone had a blast. I would love to visit the school again soon because everyone had a good time.


Task 2

Do you agree or disagree with the statement that parents are the best teacher for children? Give specific reasons and details in your response.

Sample response

I agree with the statement that parents are the best teacher for children for the following reasons. First, parents are all we have to learn from when we were young. When a baby is born, first thing he understands is his parent. We slowly learn to talk, walk, run, count and read with the help of parents. We need support, comfort and encouragement. And all of it is provided by our parents. Second, everyday parents slowly and unknowingly teach their kid how to survive in this world. And when the child grows up, he accomplished all the survival task and try to apply in his life. Sometimes he fails and sometimes he passes. Day by day he builds up the confidence in him.


Task 3

【提议】,学生写信建议为学习人类学哲学的学生在人文学院的楼里建一个study lounge




Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know that a student recommends the school to create a study lounge at the Humanities Building. The man agrees with the acquirement because first, most of their classes take place in this building. It takes 10 minutes to get to the library and 10 minutes to get back, but they only have a 30-minute-interval between classes. With this study lounge, they could do some meaningful things. Besides, student would have somewhere to discuss right after the class about the content that covered in the class. Like last time, during the Shakespeare course, he wanted to discuss Hamlet with his classmate. But they had nowhere to go, so they actually stood in the cold while talking, which was really inconvenient.


Task 4

【名词解释】backward framing,在被一些广告影响后,人们可能会改变自己所做的决定。

【教授举例】研究小组让受试者喝咖啡,咖啡处理过不好喝,受试者喝的时候回访TV program,讲的是一些人喝超好喝的咖啡,大家都很幸福。之后要求受试者写下体会,对咖啡的评价都是positivedelicious的。

Sample response

Backward Framing means that consumer’s opinion about a product is altered after-the-fact by advertisement, which means that the advertisement could exert positive effect on consumers. The professor gives an example to illustrate the term. Volunteers were asked to taste a gourmet coffee. But the researchers had added some salt and vinegar into it so they were certain that the coffee wouldn’t taste good. After that, they showed these volunteers some advertisement of this coffee, in which people were enjoying the coffee and having a good time. At last, when asked how they would describe the coffee, people said it was “delicious” and they “liked it”.


Task 5






Sample response

The girl has encountered a problem that he has a painting due next week, but the painting is so big, that he has run out of the specific kind of paint he uses. He faces two solutions. The first is to take the bus to the store where he originally bought the paint. Personally, I recommend the second solution. Because first, it takes only 1 day to get the paint he needs, so he will have enough time to finish his painting. And second, online shopping can’t guarantee the quality of the pigments he want, so the latter is better.


Task 6


方法1:保证存活,兔子warm season换短毛,相对的换长毛,保证其不冷不热地生存下去。


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