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Task 1
If friends from another country were going to spend time in your country, what suggestions would you like to give them? Using details and examples, explain why. Sample response
If friends from another country were going to spend time in my country, I would like to give them the following suggestions. First of all, visit as many historical site as possible. Take Beijing as an example. Although the city is very modernized nowadays, the uniqueness and soul of it lies within its historical sites like the Forbidden City, the Great Walls and the Summer Palace. Spending sometime in places like these will open their minds, and give them a better understanding of the country and our people. Also, talk to local people as much as possible. We can tell them things like where to try the most authentic local food and find good price on gifts.
Task 2 Some people prefer to write many short assignments for a semester, other prefer to write one or two long assignments for a semester. Which do you prefer? Explain why. Sample response I prefer to write one or two long assignments for a semester for the following reasons. First of all, this means I’ll have more time preparing them. That’ll give me a chance to do plenty of research. It can take quite a long time to go through reference books and academic journals in a library for the perfect information sometimes. In addition, I’ll have more time to polish my work after the first draft. Comments can be obtained through peer reviews and visits with my professor. That’s going to help me make improvements to my paper thus ensuring me a good grade.
Task 3
【提议】,一个proposal,要学校把student orientation session移到summer优点二:还能够增加school touring的次数 【学生议论】女的反对 理由1:有很多有兼职,或住得远,不方便回学校,如果移到summer,有的人就参加不了了 理由2:还有其他方法联系室友,email、telephone(text) Sample response
In the letter, the student proposes that the school should hold student orientation session in summer instead of after the enrollment. The woman disagrees with this proposal because first, there are many students who have part-time jobs or live far away from school cannot attend the orientation in summer. Besides, there are many other ways to communicate with roommates, like writing E-mails or having telephone calls and so on.
Task 4
【名词解释】diminishing effects,就是人们会因为某些behavior 有negative effects 而不做,但看到别人做而没有negative results时就也会做 【教授举例】讲了自己的经历,他刚college毕业时,在law什么什么工作,a serious job,他穿的formal,从不迟到,从不在workplace吃东西,但是他看到co-worker Jane 开会还吃东西,而且没有get into troubles with the boss, 所以他也开始在会上吃东西 Sample response
Diminishing effect means people will not have several behaviors because of their negative effects, but they WILL do so once they don’t find any negative results of such behaviors. And the professor gives his personal experience to illustrate what is diminishing effect. Right after his graduation after college, he worked for a law office, which was a serious job for him. So he dressed formally, he was never late for work nor did he ever eat at workplace. But once he saw his co-worker, Jane, eat at the meeting without getting into troubles with the boss, he started eating at meetings, too.
Task 5
【学生困难】两个学生,马上要有一个关于上节课授课内容的quiz,女的上次没去,不知道,也没笔记,还有一个小时 【解决方案】 方案一:男的邀请女的看他的笔记 评价:但女的要辅导同学化学 方案二:男的就说可以跟老师商量一下,得到教授的许可,不参加这次考试 评价:但又感觉这样不好 Sample response
The woman has confronted with a problem that she has to attend a quiz one hour later but she didn’t prepare for it because she didn’t attend the class last week and didn’t know there would be a quiz this week. She faces two solutions. The first is to read the man’s notes.. The second is that she can discuss with the professor and ask his/her permission not to attend the quiz for this time. Personally, I recommend the second solution. Because first, she will have time to help another classmate with his chemistry. And second, she’ll have more time to prepare the test and get a better degree.
Task 6
【讲课要点】讲camel在沙漠中对炎热环境的adaptability 方法一:physiological——humps,由fatty tissues构成,能吸走热量,使main body keep cool,而不至于让organs 处于unhealthy的高温中 方法二:behavioral——少动,少站,大部分时间sitting down,这样可以少产生能量;另外要经常sit in groups,可以有shadow

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