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Task 1
Describe something you want to do, and explain why. Sample response
When I was a child, you know that I dreamed to be a criminal police. Because being a police, I can have my own pistol, and sometimes even big gun I imagine. How cool I am if I give a slaughterer a shoot. Although my parents rejected my choice because of the potential dangers, I insisted to it. As time goes by, I learn hard and have poor eyesight. What a shame! However, I have many careers I want to choose but being a criminal police like a hero dream which every boy once pursued.
Task 2 If you can choose, where do you want to live, in the place where has similar season or the place where has various seasons? Sample response To me, I will choose to live in the place which has climate change in four seasons. Life is monotonous if a place has the same climate in a year. Imagine the life in such a place where the temperature is always above 30 Celsius, people wear T-shirt all year around. They certainly cannot enjoy the different styles of winter cloth. Even they cannot enjoy the magnificent scene of season change. Rain, snow, etc. such kind of natural scene never appear I their life. Those natural phenomenons inspire thousands of poets and are the source of human’s inspiration and creativity.
Task 3
【提议】:心理学部要改变午餐计划。 【学生议论】:女学生同意 理由一:说这样很好,难得有机会能正式和教授交流。 理由二:可以了解同学,一般上课是大课50-100人等等,能有个机会去交流。 Sample response
Psychology department decides to change the lunch plan. The female student agrees with the decision for two reasons. First, the new lunch plan provides a special opportunity to communicate with professors. Students can solve many study problems by lunch time without waiting for office hours. Second, students can know their classmates by lunch time. Generally speaking, there are 50-100 students in one class. It’s provides a chance to meet different students and enlarge their friend circle.
Task 4
【名词解释】: social perseverance,自己一直认为对的事情,即使后来发现是错的,也还是会按照原来的做法去做。 【教授举例】:说自己小时候被妈妈嘱咐冬天要多穿衣服防止感冒,长大了发现感冒其实和身体温度无关,而是由病毒传染的。发现妈妈说的貌似不对,但是还是没有改变冬天穿很多的习惯,并且这么告诉他的孩子们。 Sample response
Social perseverance is steadying persistence in adhering to a course of action which is proved to be wrong at last, but will following old behavior. He gives an example. When he was a child, his mother always told him to put on many clothes to avoid getting cold. In fact catching a cold has nothing to do with body temperature, but infected by virus. Therefore, he found that what his mother told him is not the truth. However, he still wears many clothes and told his child to follow as well.
Task 5
【学生困难】:两人说学校举行的活动—徒步旅行,参加的学生太多,不知道怎么办。 【解决方案】: 方案一:开车送这些学生 评价:但是有60个学生,一次只能带4个人,他要往返多次去接人,费时,他自己也没有办法徒步旅行了。 方案二:租车,租辆大巴 评价:足够大,但是贵,每个人得交钱,让这些学生交钱会不高兴,有人就不愿意去了。 Sample response
It’s about a school activity. Too many students decide to participate in hiking, therefore, how to send these students become a problem. According to the solutions, first, he can send these students by car; however, it can only take four students one time. He has to come and go which is a time-consuming work, besides, he can’t enjoy the hiking any more. Second, he can rent a van which is large enough to carry all the students; however, everyone should pay the fee of it. Many students won’t participate in hiking if they have to pay the expensive fee. In my opinion, I prefer the second solution. The first solution cannot take all the students; it’s impractical. Therefore, for the second solution, in spite of the fee, many hiking lovers are willing to participate in such activity.
Task 6
【讲课要点】:生物学教授用两种昆虫解释声音的作用。 作用一:发出危险信号 举例:比如小的角蝉遇到危险,通过它的声音发出信号找妈妈,妈妈收到信号回来保护它。 作用二:找吃的 举例:角蝉找到新鲜叶子会发出信号告诉同伴,让它们一起吃。

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