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Which of following study methods do you think is the most effective? Having discussions, repeating class materials or taking a lot of notes. Give specific examples and details in your explanation. Sample response
I prefer to have discussions with classmates out of the three options for the following reasons. First of all, students get to exchange ideas when involved in discussions. We can learn from each other new ideas and perspectives. It's interesting to see there are so many different ways or approaches toward a singleproblem. It's mind blowing sometimes to see how differently people work. Also, it's fun to have discussions with other students. We get to challenge each other and have debates. When studying by myself, my mind is usually very limited and I get bored easily.
Task 2
Some people prefer to sit in the front of a classroom during a lecture; others prefer to sit in the back during a lecture. Which do to think is better? Explain your response in details and examples. Sample response
I prefer to sit in front of the classroom during lectures for the following reasons. First of all, this way I can be closer to my professors. From experiences I can safely say that when I'm sitting closer to the professor, I have better concentration, and I can focus more. Students who sit in the front get more chances to interact with teachers. When there's something I'm not sure of, I'll just raise my hand and the professor can see me very easily and address my questions. Also, sitting in the front helps me to see the projection or overheads better. This means I don't have to squint my eyes when taking notes which gives me headaches.
Task 3
【提议】,orientation program/ development 要让大二大三大四的同学加入和新生一起 理由一: 因为可以结识大一年级的别的学员 优点二:还能够增加school touring的次数 【学生议论】男的同意 理由1:大家住在不同的地方,很少有机会一起聊天,如果orientation提供机会,有利于大家认识同学 理由2:增加school touring可以让同学更好的了解校园。 Sample response
In the reading passage, we get to know that the orientation program is going to join students together in order to get others familiar with freshmen and increase the number of school touring. The man agrees with the program because first, They are living different places which is hard for them to have a chance chatting with each
other. Given this opportunity, they are more likely to know each other better. Besides, increasing the school touring would help students have a better picture of their school.
Task 4
【名词解释】captive market,因为产品数量的固定,消费者不得不消费高额的价钱买东西。 【教授举例】教授给了一种例子,说在去一个城市do 商务, 在等飞机的时候要去买吃的,但只有两家卖吃的, 而且队很长,教授最后还是买了,一个三明治花了两倍的钱。 Sample response
Captive markets are markets where the potential consumers face a severely limited amount of competitive suppliers; their only choices are to purchase what is available or to make no purchase at all. And the professor gives his personal experience to illustrate what is captive market. The professor once went on business to a city. When he was waiting at the airport, he wanted something to have lunch. It turned out that there were only two restaurants, both of which had long lines. The professor bought one sandwich in the end that was the double cost of usual price.
Task 5
【学生困难】一个女生送她的roommate去机场,然后回了校园,但是暴风雨航班取消,女生又要去接,但是会误化学课(chemistry review session),下周有考试,这堂课很重要 【解决方案】 方案一:Ask her roommate to take the shuttle bus. 评价:But it will cost her $30-40. 方案二:Pick her roommate up at the airport. 评价:She will miss out the chemistry review session, which is very important because they will have a test next week. Sample response
The girl has confronted with a time conflict that she has to pick her roommate up at the airport because her flight has been cancelled, but at the same time she has to attend the chemistry review session. She faces two solutions. The first is to she can ask her roommate to take the shuttle bus. The second is that she can pick her roommate up at the airport. Personally, I recommend the first solution. Because first, she will have time to the chemistry review session, which is very important because they will have a test next week. And second, she can share the notes with her roommate, which will definitely help her a lot.
Task 6
【讲课要点】海洋动物(marine creature)在冷水中保持体温(keep heat)的两个方法 方法1:physical feature 举例:一种生物(S),有blubber和fur,prevent heat from losing 方法2:behavioral adoption 举例:otter, eat a lot, digestion creates heat

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