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WRITING SECTION Integrated writing task Topic discussed: T.rex这种恐龙是肉食动物还是食腐动物?
Reading: scavenger 原文讲了一种恐龙叫做T.rex,以前很多人认为它是肉食性恐龙(predator),但是文章中的观点指出它是一种scavenger
1. 1. 这种恐龙前肢极其不发达,无法抓取猎物
2. 2.这种恐龙后肢也不发达,移动速度慢,体重很大,转身速度也慢
3. 3. 这种恐龙具有很强的嗅觉,可以帮助它找到食物,跟vulture一样
Lecture: predator 它是肉食性恐龙
4. 1. 很多动物的前脚掌都不发达,比如modern reptiles里面的鳄鱼,鳄鱼的前肢是帮助它移动的,并不是抓取猎物,它门使用下颚来抓取猎物的(jaw)
5. 2. 肉食性恐龙不需要多少移动速度,因为那时候素食恐龙移动速度非常慢。尽管他们可能有像厚皮肤这样的防御手段,但是也无法面对T.rex尖利的牙齿
6. 3. vulture这动物是唯一一种仅仅靠食腐活了如此之长的生物,因为它不仅有敏锐的嗅觉还有能支撑它长时间飞行的翅膀。而T.REX仅仅有嗅觉是不行的,它移动速度太慢,体重太重无法应付食腐需要的长途跋涉。
scavenger 食腐动物 predator 肉食动物 vulture 秃鹰 reptile 爬虫动物
Independent writing task Essay question Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is easier for parents to raise children today than it was 50 years ago. 【话题提示】 50年前后的对比却不能改变一个事实:Parenting is never a piece of cake in any age.当爸妈永远都不是件简单事。养大孩子不易,要健康、平安的养大更是不易。在抚养中的责任感,随着孩子年龄的增加,也日益增加。养大和养好又是两回事。随着现代科学技术的进步,在养育技术和材料方面肯定有了长足的进步,但是与之而来的是手机、互联网等等各方面带来的冲击,这个五彩斑斓的世界带给孩子们的诱惑越来越多,这无疑也是父母必须攻克的难题。 Sample answer
Much has changed in society in the last 50 years. The advent and proliferation of personal computers, the widespread adoption of cell-phones, and the invention of the internet—not to mention the great abundance of literature of child-rearing—have all had a visible impact on how parents interact with their children. Not all of the changes have necessarily been positive, but I believe these shifts over the last 50 years have made it easier overall for parents to raise their children. Technology has probably been the biggest element to affect the parenting landscape in the last half-century. Personal computing, for example, has given parents the ability to teach their children in unconventional ways using educational software. I myself remember reinforcing basic math and science knowledge through poorly-animated, two dimensional computer games in elementary school; nowadays, the software being offered is far more advanced. In a different vein, cell phones have provided parents with a means of staying in touch with their children over long distances, so parents no longer have to worry as much about contacting their children during emergencies. And finally, the internet gives parents a powerful set of tools on both the education and communication fronts: a wealth of information (on not only educational topics for children, but also child-rearing advice for parents) available at one's fingertips, as well as various options for maintaining contact (e-mail, instant messaging, video calls).
As hinted at above, the vast troves of parenting knowledge available today—as well as just better general parental awareness—also help make parenting easier in the 21st century. Developmental psychology has made great strides in understanding the mental processes of children as they grow, and many of those scientific theories have trickled down into society to form the basis of a lot of common sense advice—like for example, that parents should try to strike a balance between guiding children and letting them be independent, and between being affectionate and being stern (these characterize the "authoritative" parenting style in psychology). But even if one could not intuit such theories, there are literally thousands of books written on the subject of parenting, and likely many thousands more worth of articles on the internet. These take much of the guesswork out of the messy ordeal of raising a child. This abundance of technology and information can be somewhat of a double edged sword, of course. For one thing, parents must now monitor their children's usage of all this new technology—computers, cell phones, and the internet can easily become time-wasting distractions (addictive games) or even life-threatening dangers (unscrupulous strangers) if children are given free reign. For another thing, parents might feel overwhelmed by how much parenting information if available now—though most theories probably agree on the broad strokes, there are many competing schools of thought that differ on the exact details of how to best raise children. As all these things become more and more embedded in our daily lives, however, parents should find that navigating these potential difficulties becomes second nature. Overall, I believe the changes have been for the better. Though many new challenges and obstacles have arisen as well, the tools parents have gained have made raising children an easier task than 50 years ago

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