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Task 1

If the school received a barrel of money, what do you wish it will be spent on? A sports gym, a laboratory or a scientific research facility?

Sample response

If my school received a barrel of money, I'd wish the money be spent on building a gym for the following reasons. First, it's so much better to be able workout indoors. We can workout no matter what the weather conditions are. For example, we can play the badminton when it's windy outside. Also, we can workout during anytime of the day. For example, I have the habit of staying late in the library. If there were a gym in my school, I'll have somewhere to run in after all my works are done. Last, indoor activities are usually less intensive, which means it's less likely for us to get injured from exercising.


Task 2

Some people believe that it is important for young people to have a part-time job as a working experience, while others think they should spend more time on their studies. What is your opinion and why?

Sample response

I think it's extremely important for students to have a part-time job  for the following reasons. First of all, students can get real world experience from working off campus. Take myself for example, I waited tables part-time while I was in university. I learned a lot about how to deal with different kinds of people on that job. Also, working off campus means that students can get in touch with people that aren't students. Students have a chance to establish a professional network before leaving school. For example, some schools require students to intern at a local business as part of the graduate requirements. And I know people who have secured permanent positions at these firms even before they graduated.


Task 3

【提议】,学校计划所有学生参加capital hospital实习,来使学生决定是否将医学当职业和不占用上课时间实习




Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know that the school plans to require all medical school students to intern at the capital hospital during summer. The man agrees with the plan because first, students gets to put what they learned in class to practice, they can get some real world experiences before they leave school. Besides, there won't be any scheduling conflict for her. She stays in the lab working till late in the evening. But she can work during summer.


Task 4



Sample response

Diversion is the divided attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction. The professor gives an example to illustrate the idea. Two politicians debates about the idea of building a park beside the city park, and budgeting for the project. Politician A stands against the idea, and he presents numbers and statistics to support why he think the project is too expensive for the city. Politician B however supports the project. But he doesn't mention money at the debate at all. He talks about he used to spend time with his parents beside the river when he was a child. The sight of boats in the river was beautiful. He says more people will be able to enjoy the great view if there is a park by the lake. People like the idea of the view, so they voted for him. But they are distracted from the fact that building the park might be too expensive for the city.


Task 5







Sample response

The man's problem is he's got really bad toothache. She faces two solutions. The first is to go to his own dentist and have everything checked out. The second is that he can only go next morning because the doctor is not currently available. Personally, I recommend the first solution. Because first, he won’t miss Physics class and he really wants to go to the lecture because he's not good at Physics. And second, his own dentist will be more familiar with his problem.


Task 6




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