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Task 1

Describe a skill that you have but would like to further improve.

Sample response

A skill that I have but would like to further improve is my English speaking skill for the following
reasons. First of all, I'd like to join an English club if that's possible. Right now I'm spending the
majority of my time reading textbooks, news articles. I also write quite a lot. The thing is I don't
get a chance to meet native English speakers. If I joined a language club or English comer, I'll get a
chance to speak with native speakers and sharpen my speaking skills. Also, I'll try to listen to as
much English as possible For example; I would keep my radio station tuned in to BBC every night. 



Task 2

Do you think that advertisements have great influence on what we buy?

Sample response

I do think advertisements have great influence on what we buy. First of all, people are constantly
exposed to endless commercials on TV. Shows are Interrupted every 15 minutes, and we are
forced to watch those ads no matter we like it or not When the message in the ad is repeated
over and over again, people would start to believe they are true even sometimes they are very
misleading. Also, some advertisements are hard to resist. For example, companies show beautiful
images of their products in the ad, and people are always attracted to pretty things. When we see
something beautiful, we want to have them. This is in our nature.


Task 3

【提议】,一个女生Jessica 在校报上写倡议信,she suggests that school radio station should play
more music and less school announcements to attract more students


理由1A lot of commercial radio stations play music, some of them even play music the whole

理由2Students can get updated about school news by listening to the school radio station. 

Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know that the student wrote a letter to school that she suggests school radio station to play
more music and less school announcements to attract more students. The man disagrees with the letter because first, A lot of commercial radio stations play music, some of them even play music the whole
day. Students won’t stop listening to other radio
stations only because the school radio station plays music, they already have their favorite music
radio stations. Besides, he believes that students can get updated about school news by listening to the school radio station. 



Task 4

【名词解释】Anticipate regret: 人在面对一个problem的时候,有两种选择:一是去do nothing,二是去采取行动take action。人们一般会do nothing,因为taking action很可能带来negative effects

【教授举例】听力部分教授举了自己的例子。自己几周前开车去赶飞机,一路都挺顺的smoothly,但后来遇见了traffic jam,堵了半个小时,基本一动不动。这时,他想到了an alternative road,只不过那条路有点绕远。最终,教授还是决定在现在这条路行继续等待,因为他都已经等了很久了。如果去另一条路,万一那条路也堵车呢?最后教授missed他的flight

Sample response

Anticipate regret refers that when people have two options when facing a problem: do nothing or take
action, they usually choose to do nothing, because taking action might cause negative effects.

The professor gives an example of his friend. He was on the way catching a flight a couple of weeks ago. At first everything
was going smoothly, but then he got caught in a traffic jam and he got stuck for like half an hour. He came up with an idea of trying alternative road, but it is a bit far. In the end, he decided to seep waiting on
the same road since he'd been waiting for so long. He worried about encountering the same
problem if he chose the alternative road. At last, he missed the plane.


Task 5






Sample response

The woman has encountered a problem that she has a concert to go but her sister is coming. She faces two solutions. The first is that she can give her ticket to her roommate and have her invite someone else to the
concert. The second is that she can buy another ticket and take her sister with her to the concert. Personally, I recommend the first solution. Because first, she can hang out with her sister. And second, her roommate will appreciate her kindness.


Task 6


Two stages In the immune system to protect people

方法1antibiotic stage: the frontline of protection, keep things out of the body

例子:skin prevents germs getting into the body, for Instance, when you get bitten by a

方法2mechanical removal: clear out the germs that carry disease

例子: sneezing force out the germs


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