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Task 1

Talk about a group or club you'd like to join. Why would you like to join this group or club? Use
details and explanations in your response.

Sample response

I would love to join a book club if that’s possible for the following reasons. First, you meet
interesting people in book clubs. This means I get to talk about great books with people that are
not close to me. I find it easier to get fresh perspectives learning from a different social circle. 
Second, some books need to be discussed. Authors even acknowledge that some particularly
difficult books demand discussion. Also, I will be introduced to books I wouldn't otherwise read. 
It's fun to step out of the comfort zone once in a while when read the books which other members


Task 2

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is a good thing to have class with
your best friend. Use examples and details in your response.

Sample response

I think if s a good thing to take classes with my best friend. First, we can study together. Each time
there's a test coming up or huge assignment, we can get together to discuss our plans for that. 
That makes it easier for us to stay on track most of the time. Second, we can share textbooks. 
This is a great advantage, if I have to buy a lot of textbooks or if they're really expensive then I
can share the price of those books with he/she. Therefore, none of us will have to spend lot
of money on our own.


Task 3

【提议】Jessica在校报上提议,学校电台radio station应该多播音乐少播announcement 这样才会更多人听.


理由1:很多的commercial radio station music, 还有whole day都是 play music的, 可以去听别的电合,同学都有自己喜欢的音乐台,他们不会因为radio station多放音乐就不听他们爱听的音乐台了.


Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know that the student suggests the university radio station should play more music rather than announcement in order to attract more listeners. The man disagrees with the letter because first, he thinks that many commercial radio stations play music, even some of them play music whole day. Students have their own favorite radio stations, and they won’t easily change the channel only because the university radio station plays more music. Besides, it’s not easy to have the chance to listen to the announcements which only be played by the university radio station, and they can keep pace with the time.


Task 4

【名词解释】Reading: promotion risk. 人们期望获得升迁,但对公司有可能有不利因泰,这就是升职风险

【教授举例】说一个 computer software company designer, 这个designer 给公司盈利很多,于是gave him a promotion 升他做supervisor. 但升职后发现他没有management skills.

Sample response

In this set of materials, the reading passage introduces a definition promotion risk, which means a person maybe is able to some areas that he or she have very professional skills, but they a little experience and knowledge in other areas. So it directly makes a problem, which this people may make some disadvantages on some areas, and the company has to suffer this loss.

In the lecture, the professor uses a example to explain definition.

The first example is about a soft designer who has a great talent in soft design and make a great deal of money for company. The company provides a higher position, but this man has too bad ability to lead other people, which the company has to accept this fact. Because they cannot release the position the man has, this action will make the man lose his faith.


Task 5

【学生困难】The woman's problem is she has unfinished research to do in the library but it will be
closed the next day for spring break

方案一:stay over night

 评价:Pro: she can get her research done before the library closes

Con: her mom prepared dinner for her, staying will disappoint her mom

方案二:go to the public library around her parents' house

 评价:Pro: she will be able to go to dinner

Con: the library is smaller and has very limited resources

Sample response

The woman has encountered a problem that she has unfinished research to do in the library but it will be
closed the next day for spring break. She faces two solutions. The first is to stay over night
. The second is that she can go to the public library around her parents' house. Personally, I recommend the first solution. Because first, she can get her research done before the library closes, which will directly solve her problem. And second, if she go to the public library around her parents' house, she will finish the paper in a tough way because the library is smaller and has very limited resources.


Task 6


Benefits of group flocking不易被捕食者吃掉,而且容易更觅食。举了两种鸟类混合飞行的例子

例子1chichixxx 鸟一般飞行在里面不容易被吃,而且chichixxx鸟只负责检测有没有危 险,当它发现危险,就会发出叫声通知同伴。


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