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Task 1

Talk about the difference between 2 singers whom you are familiar with. Include reasons and details to support your response.

Sample response

The two singers who I familiar with are Wangfeng, a rock star here in China, and Zhangxuan, a female singer whose voice is considered as breathtaking.

The major difference those 2, I guess, is the way they handle media.

Wang’s outspoken attitude has gain him more attention even off the stage, he may have words with the paparazzi, sue the magazine which reports untruthful news about his relationship, Wang never shies away to get his voice heard.

However, as great a singer as Zhangxuan is, people say she has the kindest heart. Whether it’s to the crew or the fans, or even the photographer who have been following her all day. She always carries a smile in her face.


Task 2

Some people prefer to eat at fast food restaurants, others prefer to eat at regular restaurants. Which do you prefer? Explain your answer in details.

Sample response

Though food in other places may be a little bit fancy, I do prefer to have something to eat in a fast-food restaurant.

The obviously advantage that eating in a fast-food restaurant is time-saving. For me, my job starts at 9 in the morning and doesn’t finish until 7 or 8 in the evening, so I simply do not have the time to sit in a fancy place and spend 2 hours for a meal. Grab something to take out seems a good idea.

Another thing is, there are a variety selections of fast-food restaurants these days, for sandwich to different kinds of burgers, most of them no only delicious but also healthy. You can actually make them your regular diet



Task 3





Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know that school requires all students to take three art classes so that students will be more competitive after graduation and it can help students relax from stressful study. The man disagrees with the announcement because first, he thinks with the new plan, students will lose the freedom to choose the courses they like, and they wont be able to choose more courses related to their major. For example, the man majors in banking and needs to take finance classes, but if he had to take art classes, he wouldn’t have time for the finance class. Second, he says not everyone is talented enough to enjoy these classes. Take himself for example. He doesn't like sculpture, so taking the sculpture class would be a waste of time, and could be stressful for him, too.


Task 4

【名词解释】self-serving bias



Sample response

According to the reading, we get to know that self-serving bias means that people tend to attribute their success to their own merits, and blame others for their failure. The professor gives an example. A group of people were asked to take an intelligence test. One group was told that they did a good job, while the other group was told they did poorly. The first group said they got high scores because they were highly intelligent, while the second group said the reason they didn't do well was that they were affected by the environment.


Task 5






Sample response

The man has encountered a problem that he sprained his ankle when playing basketball and needs to go to the hospital, but he has an exam tomorrow and wants to go to the review lesson now. He faces two solutions. The first is that he can go to the hospital now. The second is that he can go to the hospital tomorrow after everything is done. Personally, I recommend the first solution. Because first, the injury might get worse if he is not going to the hospital directly. And second, although he can’t go to the review lesson, he can still borrow the notes from his classmate to get a good score.


Task 6


two ways that trees protect themselves from forest fires.

方法1to have thick barks

例子:the fir has thick barks that keep the temperature inside the tree low, so that water and nutrients won't be affected by the fire. 

方法2to have no branches on the lower part of tree.

例子: pine trees have no lower branches, so when the fire comes, it can't climb up the tree.


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