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Task 1

Talk about the subject you enjoy the most, use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

Sample response

The subject that I enjoy the most while I was in college was marketing.
For one thing, market is a really fascinating class for me. Each time, I got to do different tasks, whether to do questionnaire in the street or compete in the group project. These experience together made me more into this course. For each class, I always feel I am becoming better at doing this.
Another thing is that, the professor who taught marketing, Professor Johnson, made marketing my life career. He always tries to motivate me as much as he can and he made sure I was held in the highest standard when doing anything. This helped me gained enormous confidence


Task 2

Which do you prefer, outdoor activities or indoor activity such as Yoga.

Sample response

Personally, I feel like outdoor activities are much more fun than those indoor activities.
The first reason is that stepping outside, I will have a better chance to enjoy the air and weather outside. Those days, we have been trapping in the office and classroom for too long. The time we get to spend outdoors is very precious, especially the weather is nice and there is cool breeze and great sunshine.
Another reason is that I am a big time sports fan. All those sports activities that I love to do are all outdoors, whether it’s football or basketball, I enjoy doing those sports in an open-air filed. There is simply no better feeling than that


Task 3

【提议】学校决定增加creative writing program

1. 锻炼表达能力

2. evaluate the ability to work as a group.


理由1Talker is not always writer, some may be shy and do not want to talk.



Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know the school will increase interviews in the creative writing program. The woman disagrees with the announcement because first, she thinks that being a good talker cannot guarantee good writing skills. A lot of writers are shy, and don't like to talk a lot. Besides, it's hard to tell a person's group ability from an interview. For example, she used to join a group work in a writing class. No one in the group wanted to talk in the first place. Weeks later, they all involved in the discussion.


Task 4

【名词解释】token reward system:每次学生行为良好就给个象征性的奖励,积累到一定的数量,就可以拿 real reward用不同的奖励来引导学生的行为,可以有效地刺激学生学习。

【教授举例】如果想要学生上课安静听话,可以给他们安排更多时间玩,结果不太有效,因为有些学生不喜欢在操场玩,喜欢在教室活动。接着教授给学生 wood coin,学生可以攒着,积累到一定了就可以换取学生自己想要的奖励方式:比如优先使用电脑等,这样促进了学生学习。

Sample response

According to the reading, we get to know that Token Reward System rewards kids with good behaviors and encourage them to behave well as before.
The professor uses himself as an example. He let kids with good behaviors play outside for fifteen minutes as a reward, but he found out some of them prefer to draw inside instead of playing outside. Then, he gave those kids wooden coins and let them collect those coins until Friday. When Friday came, they had enough coins to exchange for rewards, like computers, arts, or playing in the playground


Task 5

【学生困难】女生说父母来参加他的毕业典礼,遇到了麻烦:他们从比较远的地方来需要找地方住下,但学校附近的hotel  book 满了。


 评价:但她的公寓非常小,需要 rearrange,她要睡沙发了。

方案二:去远一点的 hotel 住,

 价:离学校开车 20 分钟, 需要租车,成本比较高。

Sample response

The woman has encountered a problem that her parents are going to visit her, but the hotels nearby have been booked. There are two solutions. The first is that they can live in her small apartment off campus, which is close to school. The second is that she can book a hotel room which is 20 minutes drive from
school. Personally, I recommend the first solution. Because first, it is much more economical. She can save tons of money to decorate and rearrange her dorm, which can impress her parents, and is also better for the future. And second, living with her parents will also enhance the family ties


Task 6

【讲课要点】 birds migration preparation.

方法1The first preparation is physical change. 

例子:For example, they will eat more and gain weight. In this way, they don't need to stop and eat on the way of migration.

方法2behavior change. 

例子:For example, a lot of birds will find companies to migrate together to stay safe.

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