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Task 1

Talk about an activity you enjoy with your family. Include specific reasons and details in your response.

Sample response

I enjoyed camping with my family the most. First of all, spending a weekend camping gives us a chance to take a break from buildings and streets in the city. It’s wonderful to be in the nature and see some wild animals. We see lots of deer on our trips. Second, camping taught me many life skills. I learned how to fish, start a fire and navigate without a compass. I rarely use these skills, but I think it’s nice to have them. Lastly, the long hikes we took on our camping trips made me a tougher person both mentally and physically.


Task 2

Do you agree or disagree with the statement that playing computer or videos games is not a good use of time.

Sample response

I do believe that playing video games is a waste of time. This is a true story, from my own life. In my first year in high school, I was addicted to video games. I played them all the time and I wasn’t studying enough. I was failing chemistry. That was my hardest class. So this was a conflict for me, because I wanted a good job when I grew up, and I believed, I knew, that if you want a good career, you got to do well in school. I quit playing after I thought about it long and hard. A few months later, I saw great improvement with my grade, and I haven’t played much even since.


Task 3


1. 占地大

2. 取消的话学生会有很多的benefits


理由11. 省下的地方可以用来种树种草,提供green space方便学生studyhang out with friends

理由2:减少traffic 很多学生可以骑自行车或步行

Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know a student proposes the school should eliminate the big parking lot, and it will bring a lot of benefits to students. The woman disagrees with the announcement because first, she thinks that f the parking lot is eliminated, students will have a lot of green space to hang out. Besides, it will also ease the traffic and be convenient for students to ride their bikes around.


Task 4

【名词解释】Principle of allocation: 动物会根据任务的难易来调整自己精力和时间的分配。

【教授举例】elephant seal 他们生活的海洋有很多鱼,所以捕食很容易。但是繁殖很难,需要花时间去找地方繁殖。他们要确定自己的领地吸引异性,还要费力赶走其他竞争者。

Sample response

According to the reading, we get to know that the principle of allocation means animals allocate their energy and time based on the degree of difficulty of the tasks.
The professor gives an example. There are a lot of fish where elephant seals live, so it is easy to find food but hard to reproduce. It takes a lot of time to fifind a location, attract female seals, and drive away competitors.


Task 5






Sample response

The woman has encountered a problem that at her literature seminar, the TA is talking too much and other students don’t have the chance to discuss. There are two solutions. The first is that she can talk to the professor and change a class. The second is that she can take this course next semester. Personally, I recommend the second solution. Because first, it is better for the TA because it can help her realize her problem. And second, she has been working a lot on this class and bought a lot of books, so obviously it is more economical.


Task 6

【讲课要点】Advertisement should include Words and images to appeal to customers.

例子:For example, a travel agency promotes a seaside by showing colorful and striking scenes, like beaches and beautiful skies, and using words to describe them.

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