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Task 1

Talk about a type of clothing that is popular in your country.

Sample response

The first thing that comes to my mind would be the school uniform, so I will talk
about that All Chinese students are required to wear school uniforms so you see them
everywhere These are the few things I like about them
First, I think they are pretty
good looking. My school uniform is blue with white, strips. It makes you stand out
from a crowed. And unlike die baggy uniforms from other schools in the area, our
uniform fits really well because the material it's made of is very stretchy. Last but not
least it's very comfortable. The uniform is made of 100% cotton, so it's nice and soft. 
On top of that, it breathes really well so I can wear it during exercise


Task 2

Do you agree or disagree University students should take part-time jobs.

Sample response

In my opinion, students benefit more from a more balanced lifestyle, which may include working at a part-time job.
In addition to bringing more balance to a student's life, part-time work can broaden his range of experience. It serves as a golden opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and will be faced with a wider variety of problems to solve.
Furthermore, work helps a student to develop greater independence, and earning his own pocket money can teach him how to handle his finances.
Finally, a part-time job can help a student to develop a greater sense of responsibility, both for his own work and for that of the team he works with


Task 3



理由1:以前想学中文 无奈人数爆满 新大楼给予给多学生机会


Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know that a new art building will be built on campus for all students. The woman agrees with the announcement because first, she wanted to study Chinese an but there was a limit of 15 people, so she
couldn't take the class, now that there's a new building, more students can choose the
courses they want. Besides, she thinks that it will alleviate the students’ pressure. She states that new equipment can better show the details of artworks, the whole point of
art is the excellent details, before it was usually unclear and blurry.


Task 4


【教授举例】一棵柳树上有太多毛毛虫 它就会释放一种化学物质保护自己,且在空中传播信号,即使旁边的柳树上没有毛毛虫 它也会开始释放化学物质。

Sample response

According to the reading, we get to know that trees can communicate with each other.
The professor gives an example. Two willow trees, when there are too many caterpillars on the first tree, it
releases a kind of poisonous chemical to protect itself and uses airborne to send out a
signal to the next tree, so even though the second tree never has caterpillars, it still
releases the same poisonous chemical as the first tree


Task 5



 评价:课太多 会很累

方案二:自己做午饭 省钱


Sample response

The woman has encountered a problem that she wants to take a summer course but she doesn't have the money
. She faces two solutions. The first is that she can get a part-time job in the library. The second is that she can make her own lunch to save money. Personally, I recommend the first solution. Because first, part time job serves as a golden opportunity for her to meet people from all walks of life and will be faced with a wider variety of problems to solve. And second, she can earn her own pocket money which can both solve the problem and save more money for the future.


Task 6


Two ad strategies
方法1:Primary demand
例子:When a company wants to promote a cellphone, they
will first emphasize on how important a cellphone can be in our daily communication.

方法2:Secondary demand
例子: After the cellphone is promoted, they will start focusing on the
extra functions of the phone, like how special it is with the camera and die internet

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