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托福机经2014.09.27口语 第一套
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Task 1

If you are going to participate the community service, which activity would you like to choose. 1. Work with children 2. Teach adults to use computer 3. Clean the city park.

Sample response

I would prefer to teach adults to use computers. By teaching adults to use it, I am able to apply what I have learnt into practice and put my talent into full play. Isn’t it a great idea? Also, to me communicating with adults is much easier and more effective because they are able to understand me better than children. I like kids as well, but they can be a real handful once they get naughty and too excited, so that will be something out of my control and comfort zone. That’s the reason why I don’t choose to work with them. Last but not the least, I can make friends with the adults I teach to expand my social network, for they are from all walks of life and with different backgrounds.


Task 2

When you study abroad, do you prefer to live on your own or with few friends, or to live with a local family?

Sample response

I would definitely choose to live with a local family. Let me just give an example of my cousin who has been living in a local family in Toronto for two years. He told me that the most obvious advantage is that he’s made a dramatic improvement in English since he lived there. So do his friends and classmates who also chose to live in local families. He learnt some basic French as well because the couple are bilinguals who teach French in a language school. Every weekend, the couple take him to have a field trip or participate some social activities, so my cousin was able to fit into the new culture and new environment very well within a year. Besides, living in the family also allows him to have a wider range of social circles, for he made friends with the couple’s relatives, friends and neighbors.


Task 3





Sample response

In the letter, the student proposes that the university’s writing center should hire more tutors and opens on weekends as well. In the conversation, the woman is supporting the letter for two reasons. First, she says there are only two tutors at present, so students have to wait a long time to get help. The situation would get even worse during the time when a lot of papers should be submitted. Second, she points out most students don’t have classes or part-time job on weekends, so it would be convenient for them to come to the center if it is open. Besides, since there are too many students come to the center on the weekdays, it could help evenly spread out the demands on weekends


Task 4

【名词解释】:Magnification, 是一种消极的思考方式,意思是人只看负面,从而放弃一些好的机会。


Sample response

Magnification is anegative way of thinking which leads people to give up good opportunities they have encountered.The professor uses his son as an example. His son loves performance and has talent for it. Theprofessor and his wife watched one show performed by their son, they were impressed by the good performance, and so were the audience. But their son told them that he forgot a line of the character and considered himself not a good actor. The son felt so disappointed that he evengave up a chance to perform in a show next semester.


Task 5







Sample response

The womanhas a time conflict. Her father wants to have dinner with her and go to the theatertogether after dinner, but she has to prepare for the exam coming up tomorrow. There are two possible solutions for her. One is to cancel the date with her father, the other is to have dinner with her father but cancel the play after dinner. I would recommend her to take the second solution, because if she canceled the date with her father, she will not see her father for a while and will miss him. And it would be disappointing for both of them. Also, she still has some time to study for the exam after dinner, if she hurries up, she could finish reviewing for the test and getenough sleep as well.


Task 6

【讲课要点】:Two behaviors to help animals get used to canyon:

一种:searching food alone

举例:有种ape, 它们吃的plant scattered in large area,如果它们成群(in group) 觅食,食物会不够吃。

二种: make sound to mark their territories

举例:很多动物有自己的领地,如果它们的领地被别的动物进入,可能引起fight and cause injured。但有时别的动物是不小心进入的,因为有很多树枝挡住视线。所以要make sound。有一种monkey 就是这样做的

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