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Task 1

Agree or disagree: to have pet in dorm

Sample response

I don’t agree that to have pet in dorm. First, it will annoy other roommate. For, example, if someone in the dorm doesn’t like dogs or even afraid of dogs, it will annoy them. Second, keeping pet is sometimes smelly. Not all the roommate could tolerate this


Task 2

Compare with people live in small town and big city, who helps neighbors more.

Sample response

In my opinion, people live in small town would help neighbors more. First, people’s live in a small town would be much quite and relax so that they will have more time helping others. Living in a big city is different. Even if people live in a big city are willing to help others but they always get many pressure and heavy loads work to do. And this will make them ignore others needs.


Task 3


Reason l : 教授可以give informal speech

Reason 2: 早餐每个月由不同餐馆提供。


理由1可以帮助他们熟悉老师,the department is so big, 他们可以了解更多facilities, 如果他们对哪个教授说的感兴趣, 他们可以选择这个教授的课;

理由2现在早餐只有一些basic样式, 没有很多选择。 学校周伟的餐馆味道很棒, 这样对学生和教授都很好。

Sample response

The philosophy department is supposed to extend breakfast time on Monday and Saturday. This is to let professor got chance to give informal speech and also the breakfast will be provided with different restaurant. The student thinks it’s a good idea. First, it could help be familiar with teachers. Because the department is so big, they could know more facilities. They could choose the course if they are interested with one of the professor’s field. Second, the taste is quite different instead of the boring basic cuisine. 


Task 4

【名词解释】C商品, 顾客很难在使用他们后准确评价他们的用处。

【教授举例】教授用nutrient supplements的例子, 他在电视上看到一个commercial, 说该对人们的健康很重要, 可以帮助强壮骨骼。 教授觉得他的骨头没问题, 但是他觉得这个说法很有道理, 而且他不知道自己的钙质是不是足够。所以他take补钙的药品regularly。 他觉得服用前后没什么变化,但是他假设补钙是很有用的, 因为他没有办法判断它的作用。

Sample response

The professor use examples to illustrate C goods. That means, it is very hard for customer to evaluate their advantages after using it. For example, nutrient supplements. The calcium is very good to people’s bone. But the professor think he has no problem with his bone, but he still think it’s reasonable. So he decided to take calcium products regularly. But he doesn’t feel any change of his body after taking it because it’s very hard to judge it’s function.


Task 5

【学生困难】女生把她妈妈的车子停在校园里面,但是她妈妈的车没有在可以在学校停车的permission, 会有罚单。

方案一: move the car off campus to street right now, but the class will begin, there is not much time left, she will be late for the exam.

方案二:把车放在那里不管, 很难发现没有permission, 发现也就给张罚单。但是女生觉得罚单很贵, 她付不起。

Sample response

The girl park her mother’s car on campus but he mother hasn’t got parking permission, and it might cause fine order. Two solutions. First, she could move the car off campus to street right now, but the class will begin, there is not much time left, she will be late for the exam. And second, to put that car aside and it’s very hard to find that she hasn’t got permission. But the girl thinks that it would be very expensive and she couldn’t afford it. If I were her, I would choose the second for avoiding paying fines. 


Task 6


两个features保证动物在白天和黑夜都可以看见东西, 一个是狐狸有一个reflective area在眼睛里, 可以让light brighter, 可以magnify the light of moon that enter the forgos eyes, 让他们在晚上看见食物。但是有问题, 这些动物还要在白天也可能看。 所以有第二个feature, 一个叫P的东西, 可以restrict the brighter light,  使得光线变弱。所以白天的光线不会disturb forog.

Sample response

The lecture is about two features to ensure that animals could see through things both day and night. One is that fox has reflective area in eyes and it could make light brighter and magnify the light of moon that enter the fox eyes. In order to see things at day time, they got a second feature P. it could restrict the brighter light and make the light become weak so that the day light will not disturb fox.



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