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托福机经2014.12.06口语 第一套
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Task 1

Which of the following hospital volunteer works would you be interested in doing? Talking to patients, reading to patients or taking care of their families?

Sample response

I would love to read to patients for the following reasons. First, this is an activity that' s perfect for patients since many of them can' t move easily. Reading can take them onto journeys they couldn’t possibly go even if they were perfectly healthy. I think the experience reading gives us can take away some pain. Second, reading bonds people like no other. I can' t even imagine how boring it must be to lie in a hospital bed for days, in some cases weeks. Reading can help patients heal by bringing someone closer to them through a shared experience.


Task 2

Some people believe it' s better to wear formal clothes at work while others believe it' s better to wear casual clothes. Which do you prefer?

Sample response

I prefer to wear jeans, T-shirts and sneakers at work for the following reasons. First, it' s all about the attitude. Casual wears show the world you have an easy-going personality and don' t take things too seriously. You can choose fun T-shirts with interesting pictures or words on the front or the back. Second, they are easier to wash. You can simply put them in the washing machine and in 45 minutes you get clean clothes. It also saves you a lot of money washing them. If you like to wear suits, you have to dry-clean them every time, which is a lot of money running out of your pocket.


Task 3





Sample response

In the reading passage, we get to know that the school plans to extend break time between classes from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. The man disagrees with the announcement because first, he thinks it' s unnecessary. The campus is not big enough, it only takes 8-9 minutes to travel between buildings. If the students were a bit late for class, the professor will understand. They won' t miss so much knowledge. Besides, he thinks since the professors have office hours, students can ask questions if they have any problems and they can also email the professors if necessary.


Task 4

【名词解释】sensitizing reaction



Sample response

According to the reading, we get to know that sensitizing reaction means that animals face to the simulation can react more rapidly than the first time. The professor gives an example of fish. A fish live in the ocean, small and soft, are easily attacked. Once it was caught by predators but fortunately escaped. The next time when the predators approach, it flees faster.


Task 5






Sample response

The man planned to go for a camping trip with his friends on the weekend. However, he has a bad cold and hesitates whether he should go. There are two possible solutions. One is to cancel the plan. The other is to go there anyway. Personally, I would recommend the first solution. I mean, nothing is more important than health. It can be a possibility that the man could suffer from a more severe cold due to the chilly condition on the mountain. It’s unnecessary to take the risk. He can explain and apologize to his friends, I think his friends would understand his situation and make a compromise. What’s more, he has an examination to take next week, so he’d better get recovered as soon as possible.


Task 6


two forms of children' s play to develop social skills.

方法1associating play

例子:2-3 year-old baby play independently. Children play blocks by themselves and make something unique.

方法2cooperative play

例子: 4-6 year-old kids play together to create one thing. They will discuss which piece to put on top of the blocks.



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