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Task 1

Which of the following activities would you be more interested in doing? Teaching children, teaching adults to use computers or cleaning city park.

Sample response

I think teaching adults to use computers is the most fun. First, although you can find a computer in almost every household, not everyone knows how to use them. Take my parents for example, they have many computers in the house, but they don' t really pay much attention on the websites they open or applications they install, their computers are infested with viruses.

Viruses slow down the system also create security risks. Second, computers can do more than they think. My parents only use computers to check emails and surf the web. I could teach them how to shop online and even take online courses.


Task 2

Some people prefer take a job with a single task, others prefer to do multiple tasks on a job. Which do you prefer?

Sample response

I prefer to work at a job where I do multiple tasks every day. First, I can gain more skill at such jobs. When I first graduated, I interned at a small company. I did everything in the office because the lack of employee. I did things like watering the plants, taking telephone messages, typing up reports and filing documents. Time passed by really quickly when there' re more things to do. On the other hand, doing a single task day in and day out is boring, repetitive and exhausting. My friends who work in call centers do nothing but taking calls. They always tell me they' re sick and tired of their job,because they don' t get anything new to do.


Task 3

【提议】学校成立一个an club,




Sample response

The school plans to start a student art club so that students can learn about art and still pursue their major, and the club will offer affordable museum tickets for students to see art. The man agrees with the announcement because first, he really loved art in high school, but now he majors in chemistry and doesn’t have time for art. The new art club would be a good chance for him to pursue art and he doesn’t have to worry about how it would affect his major because he doesn't need to go to an actual class and get credits. Besides, the museum is too expensive for many students to go to, so this would be a good chance for them to enjoy art they could not see before.


Task 4

【名词解释】logical consequences: teachers use logical consequences to link students' wrong behavior with its negative consequences to correct it.

【教授举例】用了教授的例子说有个叫Mary的女孩老是破坏公物在美术课上然后教授use a strategy 说如果女孩再在桌面乱画就不让上课最后女孩子乖乖听话了

Sample response

The professor talks about logical consequences which means teachers use logical consequences to link students' wrong behavior with its negative consequences to correct it.

In the example, when the professor was teaching little kids, sometimes he would let them use pens to paint. A girl called Mary would paint on the desk and damage the facilities. He first punished her by not allowing her to play outside with other kids, but it didn’t work. Mary painted on the desk again. This time the professor warned her that if she didn't stop the behavior, he would not let her paint next time. So Mary corrected her wrong behavior afterwards.


Task 5






Sample response

The man's problem is that he's moving into a new apartment and needs to move his old stuff to the new apartment, and he' s thinking about how. He faces two solutions. The first is that he can rent a truck. The second is that he can borrow his friend' s car. Personally, I recommend the second solution. Because first, although his friend’s car is kind of small and he' II have to go back and forth a few times, it can help him save a lot of money to do other things. And second, the small trucks are all rented out, and big trucks are expensive, so it will be very squandering .


Task 6


The professor talks about two challenges fish meet in fast currents and how they deal with the challenges.

方法1The first is that they can' t stay at one place because of the fast current.

例子:To solve this problem, catfish have big and muscular fin, which enable them to swim against the currents.

方法2The second is that it' s hard to catch in the fast currents. 

例子: The water in the middle of the river runs the fastest, so there' s rarely food there; but on the banks the water runs slow and so there' s food, and therefore trout usually stay near the bank to catch food.



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