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托福机经2015.03.07口语 第一套
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Task 1

If you can learn a new ability, which one do you prefer? why

  1. Play a new kind of sports

  2. Fly a plane

  3. Play a new kind of musical instrument

Sample response

If I could choose one new ability, I prefer to play a new kind of musical instrument, the violin. First, I am really interested in the music played by violin. I remember I watch a live show from David Garrett, who combine the rock and classical piece together, leading me to the wonderful musical world. I believe, it would be really cool. Also, I think leaning to playing it could train my brain and make me become more intelligent, because people have to balance part of the function of the brain.


Task 2

Do you agree or not? Why

  Cellphone has greatly improved our lives.

Sample response

I think it depends. On one side, it improved our lives. Because it makes our live more convenient. The app wechat is a good example. People use it almost every minute, communicating with friends, sharing materials and ideas with others quickly, even doing business via wechat. However, on the other side, using too much cellphone would make us rely too much on it and have not enough time to enjoy natural life. 



Task 3





理由1: 走旁的人行道就好了,同学因为懒所以不走

理由2: 但是很自然,他就喜草坪这样

Sample response

There is a suggestion that the university should pave the dirt path sidewalk. There are two main reasons from the male student for opposing this proposal. First,  rain makes the dirt path muddy, students’ shoes may be marred. And second, paving the sidewalk with concrete makes it more attractive. Cutting across is wrong. Students are just lazy. If they don’t want their shoes to be dirty in rainy days, they can walk an extra few minutes avoiding the muddy sidewalk. Paving with concrete is not attractive at all,it ruins the natural beauty.




Task 4

【名词解释】:Approach-Avoidance-Conflict. 当人面对一个事情的正面和负面两方面的时候会有压力

【教授举例】: 一个professor 的朋友在做老师时候发现做老师更繁琐和复杂, 但她又享受教书的满足感,她就又了压力。


Sample response

 It’s a psychological term. Approach-avoidance conflict occurs when there is one goal or event that has both positive and negative effects or characteristics that make the goal appealing and unappealing simultaneously. The professor demonstrates the term described above with his friend’s experience:
 One of his friends really wants to be a teacher in the future, because she really enjoys spending time with students, but she at the same time, realizes that teaching is also a demanding job. Teachers have to spend lots of extra hours after class, grading papers for example. Knowing both the positive and negative aspects of this issue, she feels stressed, making her pursuit of dream very difficult




Task 5






  The girl faces a dilemma right now. She applied to a studying abroad program in Mexico for a whole semester but she was also elected as the president of the international studies club. Her term is 2 years. She definitely needs the club experience to look good in her resume, but she can’t serve her duty in the second semester while she is in Mexico.

  There are two solutions given by the man. One is that she can be the president for the first semester and find someone who can replace her while she is abroad for the second semester. She definitely have enough time. Another is that she can study in Mexico in the summer instead of the whole semester, though summer is short, she can indeed improve her language skills. If I were her , I would choose the second. The main reason is because it saves her a lot of time



Task 6


在一个热带雨林境的植物怎么抵抗山上的劣气候。有不同的特点,1. Hair起到保作用,不被日光晒2.特殊的,在晚上降温的候不被冻伤


Sample response

Tropical plants in the mountain area developed special physical traits in order to adapt to local environment.
  There are three main physical changes in these plants’ evolution:
  1. Radiation in tropical area can be harsh, mountain plants develop special cells like hair to block intense sunlight.
  2. Temperature changes dramatically during the day and at night in mountain areas. So some local plants develop a set of larger leaves on top to keep warm at night when temperature is below 0 ℃
  3. There is a third adaptation, but awfully sorry~ Sam forget



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