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Task 1

Some trains now have quiet cars where passengers are not allowed to speak loudly and use cell phones, laptops, or other mobile devices that produce sound. Do you think this is a good idea? Explain why or why not.

Sample response

I do believe it is a smart move. There are some reasons for my understanding. First of all, there are some good examples similar to this situation. For example, in restaurants, there are specific “no-smoking” area for customers who do not smoke and it proves that these restaurants are more popular among customers. Moreover, there are passengers who would like to have a good rest during the trip and if there’s someone who keeps making noise, either in forms of talking or playing electronic devices, the trip ruins. Therefore, passengers can decide whether they need a noise-free car or not according to their respective desire. 


Task 2

When students have questions about an assignment for class, some prefer to ask the professor for help. Others prefer to ask other students in the class for help understanding the assignment. Which do you prefer? Explain why.

Sample response

Although students may find more comfortable talking with peers, direct communication with the professor may be a better choice. There are some reasons. First of all, it is professors who are more certain of the exact requirements of assignment. Besides the basic information, the professor may be kind enough to offer references for the assignment, which will be a great benefit. Moreover, direct connect with the professor may heighten the impression and it brings more advantages. For example, if there’s an opportunity for part-time jobs, the professor will first think of students he’s familiar with.


Task 3







Sample response

The engineering department has announced that it will discontinue the tutorials for first-year students next year, as there’s a lack of volunteer tutors as well as direct evidence that the tutorial session will improve students’ school performance. The speaker does not
agree with the announcement. There are two reasons. First of all, the tutorial session will not take much time. And in consideration of possible candidates, the department can make it a requirement for all the PhD students in engineering who have first-hand information about the major. Moreover, he doubts how the department has concluded the tutorial is unnecessary


Task 4


【教授举例】相同的问题,相同的答案。洒了咖啡; 相同的问题,相同的答案,没洒咖啡。洒了咖啡着更受欢迎。

Sample response

Pratfall effect describes a psychological phenomenon that people will tend to like or admire a person who is already considered competent but sometimes makes a minor mistake. The professor talked about a researchers’ study. Two separate groups of people are required to watch a video concerning the same man, answering the same questions. But there’s one difference that the man in one video spilled his coffee. As a result, people in the group, having watched the video where the man spilled the coffee, regarded the man more favourable, while people in the other group in which the man answered all the questions correctly liked the man less.


Task 5




Sample response

The speaker has met a problem that she cannot possibly finish a paper concerning a professor she was supposed to interview, as the professor for the interview has not come back from the field trip. There are two solutions for her. First of all, she can make it a short piece, including facts about the professor, but she’s concerned as others students work hard on the project. Secondly, she can ask the newspaper editor for extension. Personally, I prefer the secondly solution, as she can make sure of the quality. 


Task 6


The lecture talks about two special ways how desert birds cool themselves down when dealing with the heat. 

方法1: The first is to use the power of wind. 


When desert birds get hot, they can make their feathers straight up away from their bodies, exposing some of the skin under the feathers to the air. This allows the breeze to hit their skin and it cools their bodies down

方法2The second solution is to direct more blood to the featherless parts. 

例子: For example, if desert birds start to overheat, more blood will flow to the featherless legs and feet and the blood near the skin surface will thus cool down.



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