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Task 1

 Your university will sponsor one of the following activities for students, an outdoor camping night, a music festival for students to experience the local culture or a computer game competition in the dormitory. Which one do you think it's the best to establish new friendship and solidarity among students and why? Please include details and examples in your explanation.

Sample response

 I’d suggest the university sponsor an outdoor camping night.
 To start off, camping outside definitely requires cooperation since I've experienced the summer camp before. Students would have to team up to set up the tent together, and before sleep they would zip up the sleeping bags for each other. No one could ever do it alone. The team spirit is gonna benefit them in all respects.
 Besides, young people are so into expanding their social circle. On the campsite, two to three would sleep in one bag, probably chatting till midnight, which is a great opportunity for them to get to know each other. Chances are that they exchange their phone numbers and follow one another on social media so that they can keep in touch even when they get back on campus.



Task 2

 Some people prefer live music, while others prefer recorded music. Which do you prefer and why? Please include reasons and examples to support your response.

Sample response

 I prefer live shows for the following reasons.
 First of all, the atmosphere is incredible no matter it’s held in a park, a plaza or a stadium. You’ll be surround by crazy fans who of course share the same taste with you and you guys are gonna scream and dance with the crowd to leave some beautiful memory. Like one year ago, I went to Bruno Mars’s debut in China, it was a killer concert. Sure a CD sounds clearer, but it’s definitely easy to forget.
  Secondly, you can see your idols with your own eyes, I mean, how many times in your life could you have such a chance! If you are lucky enough, you may take shots together with the musicians and even get their autograph



Task 3





Sample response

The student proposes that the university should remove some of the computers and expand the computer lab for two reasons. The first reason is that students don't have space to put all their stuff and the second reason is that not a lot of students use the computers so it won't cause any problems. In the conversation, the man disagrees with the proposal. In the first reason, he mentions that students usually only have two or three books to read when they prepare for their papers so it's really not that much space needed for their stuff. As for the second reason, he points out that there are many students who need to use the computers at night, sometimes there's even a line, it's only in the morning when there are not many students in the computer lab.


Task 4

【名词解释】:阅读文章讲述一种现象叫spot light effect,指的是当人们在社会活动中犯错的时候,会感到不安和焦虑。

【教授举例】:讲座内容中教授以自身的经历为例,说道他在和新朋友吃饭的时候打翻了水, 当时感到非常的尴尬,觉得自己会给对方留下不好的印象。但其实,当教授和那些朋友再次见面的时候,他们没有把教授的mistake放在心上。

Sample response

 In the lecture, the professor talks about the definition of spotlight which means sometimes we care too much about our small mistakes while others don't really care that much. He offers us an example of himself, when he was a freshman he attended a meeting for the university newspaper, at first everything went very well, but later the professor accidentally spilled some water and he was really embarrassed. Later when they talked about that meeting everyone complimented the professor and said he was impressive, and the professor apologized for the little incident, to his surprise, people seemed confused and didn't really know what he was referring to because they already forgot about it.


Task 5







Sample response

The woman's problem is that she wants to see her friend in another city and she plans to drive there, but it's really difficult to find a parking space in her university. There are two possible solutions. The first one is to take a bus there. And the second solution is drive there but park somewhere else. If I were in her shoes, I'd go for the second solution, because she can arrive there on time and it's convenient for her to use the car at any time. I personally don't recommend the other solution because she'll have to put off dinner with her friend, it's a little rude and she'll get really hungry.


Task 6

【听力内容】:讲述了 Hoe Alpine plant这种植物能够在环境很恶劣的环境生存。讲座中教授讲述了该植物的两个特点。一是该植物非常低,这样就可以避免high wind ,而是该植物的叶子上有蜡,这样就可以留住水分,避免蒸发。

Sample response

In the lecture, the professor talks about how some plants adapt to harsh environment. He offers to examples to illustrate it. The first kind of plants have their roots deep down in the soil, and there are only a few centimeters above the ground, this is really helpful because they get to avoid quite a lot of wind damage. And the second kind of plants have special leaves with waxy substance on them, this way they can absorb a lot of water and it's good for their survival too.



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