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Task 1

How do you usually reward yourself after hard work?

Sample response

There are several things I typically do to reward myself after hard work and going to a spa with friends is definitely my favorite one. There are two reasons for that. First of all, a spa is an ideal place for me to escape from reality. I get to wear a really comfortable robe, the music in the spa is usually relaxing and soothing, the masseuse usually lights up some beautiful scented candles for me and then I get a massage that makes all my hard work worth it. Plus, a spa is like a social gathering place for my friends and I, last time my colleagues and I finished a project we all went to this spa to hang out, we got manicure and pedicure and everyone had a great time chatting, and everyone completed forgot about all the stress we’d been having for weeks.


Task 2

Some people prefer recording life by taking pictures or keeping diaries, others prefer doing nothing. Which one do you prefer?

Sample response

I personally prefer recording life by taking pictures or keeping diaries. First of all, we get to have a more vivid memory about everything in our life. For instance, I carry my phone around with me all the time and I take a picture whenever I feel that the moment is worth being remembered. Moments like when I found the best cheesecake in town, or when I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t seen for many years, or when my whole family got together on Chinese new year’s eve. All the good old memories just come rushing back to me whenever I go through the album in my phone. Plus, recording life through taking pictures makes my life a lot easier. For instance, I take a picture of my fridge before I go grocery shopping every weekend, this way I get to make sure I wouldn’t buy anything I already have and I wouldn’t miss anything I really need. It’s sort of like making a shopping list, only more convenient and so much faster.


Task 3



理由一: 图书馆附近已经有个咖啡店,学生要喝咖啡可以去那,只有10分钟的路。


Sample response

The student suggests that university should allow beverages in library due to two reasons. The first reason is because students, especially those who enjoy coffee and study better. And the second reason is that no damage of books would be caused if students were careful. In the conversation, the woman disagrees with the suggestion. In the first reason, she mentions there’s a cafe right next to the library and it’s only 10 minutes’ walk, students can go there to drink coffee, it’s more convenient and students can take a break. As for the second reason, she points out that no matter how careful the students are, there will always be some inevitable accidents, and the university has to spend a lot of money replacing the books. That’s why in this case, the woman thinks the student’s suggestion is a bad idea.


Task 4

【名词解释】:audience profile指公司利用消费者的性格,需求以及购物习惯来促进销量。


Sample response

In the lecture, the professor talks about the concept of audience profile which is a way companies increase their sales by analyzing the customers’ characteristics, attitude and buying behavior. He offers us an example to illustrate it. A milk company for example investigated the market and learnt that most of its customers are mothers who buy milk for their children, so they learnt that the moms care more about what the milk can bring to their children’s health rather than simply how the milk tastes So in their commercial, they show a doctor explaining the nutrients in the milk and how these nutrients can help children grow. And as a result, the milk company significantly increased their sales.


Task 5







Sample response

The man has a problem that he injured his leg and needs to go to the clinic, but meanwhile he’s got a review session. There are two possible solutions. The first one is to go to the health center first. And the second one is to go to the review session. If I were in his shoes, I’d go for the first solution because this way he can get the treatment in time and his injury wouldn’t get worse. After all, nothing is more important than health. Plus, even though he might be late for the review session today, he can still make it tomorrow which means he can still get the extra help he needs with his study. He wouldn’t miss anything important. That’s why in this case, I think the first solution is a smarter option.


Task 6

In the lecture, the professor talks about how dwellers who live at the bottom of the ocean can obtain food. He offers us two examples to illustrate it. In the first example, the professor talks about plant-like animals, this kind of animals cannot move around but they’ve got these poisonous arm-like protrusions that can sting other fish and paralyze them which makes it easier for the plant-like animals to eat them. As for the second example, the professor talks about the oysters, oysters cannot move around either and they don’t have an active method to obtain food, so what they do is just wait there and eat whatever the water flow brings near them. This way they can survive in the deep ocean.


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