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Task 1

What do you think could be done to offset air-pollution?

Sample response

I think there are several things we can do to make our planet a more livable place. Firstly, everyone should make an effort to live an eco-friendly life. For instance, we can start with the basics like choosing public transportation over private cars, turning off lights when leaving the room, purchasing organic products and recycling. These are some really small things that we can do to make a big difference. Plus, I believe the government plays an important part in protecting the environment as well. For example, the government should fund projects to develop new sources of energy like solar energy, it could be something significant in a long term.


Task 2

  When you study overseas, would you prefer to have roommates from your own country, or would you like to have foreign roommates?

Sample response

Personally I prefer living with foreign roommates. There are two reasons for it. First of all, there’s no doubt that living with a foreign roommate is one of the best ways to improve English. We are forced to think in English and respond as quickly as we can. Last summer I went to a summer camp in the US, and I shared a room with a boy from Massachusetts. Through our communication every day I learnt a lot of new words, and more importantly I learnt a lot of local slangs I couldn’t possibly learn from my textbooks. At the end of the summer camp, I was almost able to speak English fluently. Plus, it’s great to learn another culture from a foreign roommate. My roommate from summer camp invited me to spend Christmas with his family and him and it was an eye-opening experience for me.


Task 3


  1. 可以减少借书丢

2. 学生也看不了么多




Sample response

The student proposes that the university should limit the numbers of books each student can borrow in the library due to two reasons. The first reason is that many students borrow quite a lot of books and they don’t read them. The second reason is that a lot of books are lost because there’s no limit in the number of books students get to borrow. In the conversation, the woman disagrees with the proposal. In the first reason, she mentions that many students are enrolled in many different classes, so it’s perfectly normal to borrow more than 10 books. And most students don’t borrow that many books at a time and they take very good care of the books. As for the second reason, she points out that what the university should do is to remind students of the importance of protecting the books, not limit the number of books each student gets to borrow.


Task 4

【名Alarm signalsgroup生活的animal会用个来warn临带2个用:放哨以及减少食物争。

【教授例】 1) 猴子move in group and share food together,看到豹子就大叫,然后大家跑路

  2) 一只发现食物的monkey出了alarm,其他听到信号的monkey都赶紧躲了起来,果食物都被只猴子独享了。

Sample response

 In the lecture, the professor talks about the concept of alarm call which is a kind of warning signal used in the animal kingdom. He offers us two examples to illustrate it. In the first example, a monkey spotted an enemy and immediately realized that it was in danger, so it sent out a warning signal to its own kind to alert them. Naturally, other monkeys received this warning signal and climbed onto the trees to avoid the danger. As for the second example, the monkey sent out the warning signal to its own kind even though there was no enemy around. This time the other monkeys received the signal and ran off, and the monkey who sent out the signal got to have all the food to itself.


Task 5

【学生困】女孩父母来看她,她想打但是有chemical study group,化学很study group很有帮助。

方案1:放弃study group,但是很有用

方案2:去study group回去随便打一下

Sample response

The woman’s problem is that she’s got a chemistry study group to attend this afternoon, but her family is coming to visit at night and her dorm is a mess, there’s no time to clean. There are two possible solutions for her. The first solution is to go to tidy up the room. And the second solution is to go to the chemistry study group. If I were in her shoes, I would go for the first solution because this chemistry study group is really important, good revision is the key to getting a good grade, she may end up with a bad grade if she didn’t go to the study group. I personally don’t recommend the other solution because I’m sure if she explains, her family will understand, after all, getting a good grade is much more important than having a clean room.


Task 6

【教学主Product packaging redesigned for 2 reasons

【知1new technology makes new materials available

【例1】牛奶玻璃瓶expensive fragile被塑料取代

【知2more competitive

【例2soft drink的公司生potable and small package,所以原来牛奶公司一开始很大的牛奶瓶没有了,方便客人开走路的候可以喝



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