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Task 1

 A lot of experienced and inexperienced climbers climb mountains every year, which one of the following adjectives would you use to describe this experience? Adventurous, frightening or foolish?

Sample response

 I would say it is very frightening for two main reasons. First of all, I think  it is absolutely frightening for those who are inexperienced because they may have a high possibility to risk their lives, for example, falling down from the cliff when climbing the mountain. Due to the lack of professional knowledge, it is likely that they would hurt themselves or their teammate. On the contrary, it is also frightening for those who are more experienced because climbing mountains is not like an indoor activity. You cannot control every aspect of it since there are two many unknown factors, such as the sudden change of weather.  Therefore, it is frightening to do so.


Task 2

  Some people believe technology has brought people closer and others believe that technology actually isolate people, which one do you agree with? Explain why.

Sample response

It is quite obvious that technology has brought people closer than ever. The first that reason is the convenience. Dividing communication tech into two categories, one that we use to chat and the other that is used to “meet”, we can easily think about tech like telephone and face-time, which has been a great convenience for people to chat or even to see each other within seconds. Besides, its cheapness also makes people closer. Although some may criticize that high tech is only the tool of the wealthy, however, what we cannot deny is that many high-tech equipment are now no longer that high-end. For example, making a phone call only costs you 10 cents per minute while meeting your friend abroad costs you nothing in a Wi-Fi-available area.



Task 3

【提议】:学校要规定宵禁的时间,通知工作日10点以后是quiet time,学校的理由一是有利于休息,二是改善同学间关系。




Sample response

The school plans to make a new rule that there will be a quiet time after 10 o’clock at night. That is to create a better environment for students to rest and also a relationship between students.

The girl agrees with it. She has two reasons. First, she thinks that too many parties in the dormitory are very annoying which influences some students’ study and rest because many students like studying in the dorm or they may have early class the next morning which requires them to go to bed early. Second, she thinks it can really better students’ relationship. She has a friend who always argues with her roommate because of the loud music, and because her roommate refuses to turn down the music. So such a rule will definitely help to alleviate the tension


Task 4

【名词解释】:outcome independence指的是如果别人帮助你成功,你会对他有好的评价。

【教授举例】:教授讲了个实验,关于sale team的,把这个sale teamsalesman分了两个组,两个组都给他们看视频,视频是一个销售员成功的销售经验,研究人员给第二组说这个人会帮助你们,跟你们一起做销售,但是没有给第一组说,之后问两个组的人对这个人的评价,第二组的人普遍认为这个人很reliableconfident什么的,但是第一组就只是比较客观的说他是个好销售。

Sample response

 The concept of outcome independence points to that if someone else helps you to achieve success, you will probably have good comments on him.

    The professor uses an experiment to illustrate it. There are two groups of sale teams in the experiment. They are asked to watch a video about a successful salesman. The second team are told that the salesman in the video will help them to do sales together but the first team are not told of that. So after watching the video, two teams have different comments about the salesman in the video. The second team generally think that that guy is very reliable and confident. However, the first team give a very neutral comment that just describes the salesman as a good one.



Task 5







Sample response

The woman’s problem is that she is going to have her class and give a speech in the class in ten minutes, however, it is raining outside and she doesn’t have an umbrella. The first solution is that she can borrow an umbrella from the man. The second solution is that she can rush to the classroom in the rain. I suggest that she choose the second one. Because if she choose to borrow the umbrella, she has to wait for the man to get it from the dorm which will cost too long and thus she is likely to be late. Considering there are just 10 minutes left for her and she has a speech to give, I don’t recommend it. Although if she rush to the classroom in the rain, she will get wet, but she can take a hot shower afterwards and that’ll be okay.


Task 6

【听力内容】:一种猴子,mother会让一些young female来帮助她们带孩子,这样会有两个好处,一个是妈妈可以出去找食物来维持自己和孩子们的生存,另外一个是young female可以学习怎样当妈妈,因为它们在照顾baby的时候能够学到怎样的hold, keep them warm,这样young female后会成为好妈妈。

Sample response

In this lecture, the professor talks something about a kind of monkeys. The mother monkeys will ask young female monkeys to take care of baby monkeys. There are two advantages. One is that they think the mother can go out for food to feed herself and her children. And also another point is that young female monkeys can learn how to be good moms because they can learn many things such as how to hold babies and keep them warm. So that will make them good moms later



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