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Task 1

Which course about history are you interested in? Science history, art history or history of 20th century?

Sample response

I would definitely go with the art history class. Because basically, I’m a huge fan of art, maybe that’s because I got influenced by my family members, especially my grandpa, who’s a traditional Chinese painting artist. Since I was a little girl, I have seen so many art works from him, I feel like all his stunning art pieces would offer me so much sense of beauty of traditional Chinese culture, which also inspires me to get strong interest in art history. Later on, I wanted to know how these talented people started their special way of creating their art works. Besides, getting more background information about art, I mean, the history of art, might allow me to get deeper understanding of different artworks. That could be awfully fantastic


Task 2

Do you like to make a plan with friends about social activities in advance or plan it when you attend it ?

Sample response

Getting my schedule sat in an early stage would be a much favorable choice for me since I’m a person who always get preparation work done really well. When I set a schedule pretty early, that means I got more time for preparation. Like in my daily study life, there are actually plenty examples, such as every time when I got an assignment to write a research paper, I would try to get schedule immediately, like for how many days do I have to do background research, how many books do I have to read, even how many people do I have to interview, and in the later stage, I would also figure out the problems I’ve encountered in my whole research process, and then put appointments with different professor on my schedule. All those stuff I used to do truly helped me a lot to work out my project efficiently


Task 3

【通告】The university is planning to open a child care center, for it can help the faculty take care of their kids with lower price and also provide job opportunities for students.

【意见】The man agrees. 

【原因一 】It is painful for the faculty to take care of their kids while suffering from huge pressure from work, and it’s also economical

【原因二】It is beneficial for him cause he can get a job there as well.

Sample response

The university is planning to open a child care center for all teaching staff. The woman in the conversation is for this idea. Because, as a matter of fact, many of the staff are covering so much work, which means it would be an overwhelming thing for them to take care of their children by themselves. In this sense, if they are allowed to send their children to the caring center, it would be such a release for them. Moreover, it is also a fantastic idea for students who are looking for a job in the child care center, since they will get paid. Like the man himself, he’s going to get a teaching job in the center to teach the children to get some money.


Task 4

【名词解释】The transitional form of animals, which stands between the ancient ancestors and modern species, has features of both parties.

【教授举例】The professor takes a kind of fish as an example. It can breathe with gills and has similar bone structures as land animals. Besides, it is amphibious, being able to live both in shallow water as well as on lands. 

Sample response

Transitional forms of animals are the species that live between their ancient ancestors and modern species of that animal that we are familiar with. For instance, there is a kind of fish, which is able to breathe with their gills, and live in the shallow ocean. This type of fish also has very strong bone structure, just like what the land animals have, which allows them to support their weight when they are swimming in the shallow water, or when they are trying to search food on land .


Task 5

【学生困难】The woman has found a job at a book center. However, it conflicts with another job she’s applied for as an organizer for physical affairs

【方案一】:Quit the job at the book center.

【方案二】:Find another woman to deal with her work for physical affairs.

Sample response

The woman's problem is that she has found a job at a book center. However, it conflicts with another job she’s applied for as an organizer for physical affairs.  There are two possible solutions. The first one is to quit the job at the book center. And the second solution is to find another woman to deal with her work for physical affairs. I would suggest the second solution. For one thing, although there used to be some disagreement, if she could try to understand another person better, I believe there won’t be a big problem for them to work out the disagreement. For another, if she quits the job in the book center, that means she won’t get the payment anymore, as she still needs money, it won’t be a good choice for her right now



Task 6

【讲课要点】Two ways to improve the quality of pictures before the invention of digital cameras

【方法一】Cut and paste

【方法二】Painting some colors on the pictures

Sample response

In the lecture, the professor talks about two ways people in the old time took to improve the quality of pictures. The first one is cut and paste. To be specific, people would cut off the best part of each pictures and paste it together to make the pictures look better. The other one is to paint some colors on the pictures. As a result, the pictures would look more appealing.




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