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Task 1

What's the biggest problem during the course of studying as a student? How do you usually deal with it?

Sample response

Well, to tell you truth, as a student, my biggest problem should be having too much homework to do and having no time for my own hobbies. Especially when I entered the senior high school, nearly every day I am overwhelmed in piles of papers and exercises in order to get a good grade in the College Entrance Exam. My holidays and weekends are always spent in going back and forth to the various tutoring classes. As you know, there’s no time left for me to do anything I like, such as painting and sightseeing. But I never complain about my life. In my opinion, everyone meets difficulties and frustrations in his or her life. We should take an active attitude towards the hardship and say “It is very good”, because we seize the opportunity to train ourselves. When finding someone in trouble, we should say with concern “Do you have any difficulty? Let me help you out!




Task 2

It is important to maintain good relationship with family members than with friends. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Sample response

I agree that it is more important to maintain good relationship with family members due to the following reasons. First of all, family members are not alternative. For example, we only have one mother, whether you can get on well with her or not,you can’t deny the fact that she is your mom whom no body else in this world can take the place of. The wise way to deal with the relationship between you and your mom is to cherish and love the time with her .On the contrary, if we don’t have a good relationship with some friends, we also feel depressed, but the sad feeling won’t last long. Maybe it is actually not a good thing for a to be friends with a certain type of person. But we still have other choices to make new friends who have much in common with us.




Task 3

取消jazz choir


-原因二:而且学校还提供其他的singing club可以参加



-原因二:其他singing club无法代替jazz choir,因为音乐类型不同。她就不喜欢singing club里唱的 classical songs。

Sample response

A student wrote to the administration center saying that it might just be a good idea to close the jazz choir for there is no one being interested in that anymore and there is also few people signing in. Plus, the school also offers other singing club if anyone is still interested. However, the woman in the conversation doesn’t actually agree with the proposal. In her opinion, people are not signing in mainly because the current running team of the club pull too frequent a rehearsal, if they only have to gather up once in a week, things will certainly be better. And none of the assorted singing clubs can replace the jazz choir for they share different styles of musical performance. She herself would certainly not like to be participating in one whatsoever singing club.




Task 4




Sample response

In the lecture, the professor introduces the concept of behavioral socialing, a term that indicates the fact that some animals behave in a way which has long been formed in the environment where they were born. The professor made an example about toad in this case. Those toads born in a pool full of food and nutrients tend to hunt on their own when they finally grow up, while those toad living in a pool with little food source are like to form into a group and then go hunting when they mature. The latter behavior require more socializing gestures, they have to learn how to communicate and how to cooperate and this is all already penciled down by the environment where they were born.




Task 5




Sample response

The man’s car broke down and it took him three hours to get it repaired, nevertheless it was no longer possible for him to set aside another period of time to go over the lesson for biology test. The woman ventured two solutions, one of which is going to take the exam directly for he actually did not skip a single class in the semester, although a little revision will certainly be helpful. The other suggested solution would be to ask the professor if it is possible for the man to take the exam along with those who have to attend another course on Wed. However, this time an excuse like car breaking down in the middle of nowhere didn’t seem a justified one.




Task 6


【知识点一】:mechanic organization


【知识点二】:organic organization

例:对产品的要求更加flexible, 更加需要创意,每个产品都不一样。举例advertising agency为了满足不同客户的不同需求,需要创意无限。

The professor mainly talked about two models of doing business in the lecture. The first one is called mechanic organization. Judging by the name we see that normally companies employing this model have to produce a kind of merchandize that wears a distinctive resemblance, for example pizza. In this case, the consumers can already have picture what a pizza roughly looks like before they walk into a pizza hut. The second discussed model in the lecture is organic organization, compared to the former one, an organic organization requires products to be more individually designed. To name one example here, advertising agency can tailer make several different ideas to specifically accommodate a variety of customers.



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