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追求表达的质量 3
发布日期:2008-01-15   编辑:RoB
1.房子一到手,我便开始筹划我的婚礼。(With the apartment in my possession, I started to plan for my wedding.)
2.父亲去世,她获得了一大笔财富。(On her father’s death, she came into possession of a large fortune.)
3.预计以目前的增长率,中国有望在20年里赶上多数西方国家。(It is predicted that at the present increase rate, China will catch up with most of the Western countries in another 20 years.)
4.让我先把这点搞清楚:你伤了她,但你不是有意这么做的,是不是?(Let me get this straight—you hurt her, but you didn’t mean to do it, did you?)
5.她突然受到了良心的撞击。(She was seized by a sudden pang of conscience.)
6.凭良心讲,我们不能拒绝帮忙。(We cannot in all conscience refuse to help.)
7.我要写信道歉。这事让我内疚了好几个星期了。(I’ll write and apologize. I’ve had it on my conscience for weeks.)
8.你最好现在别去烦他,情况顶好时他也从未高兴过,那现在可要糟多了。(You’d better not bother him now. He’s never very happy at the best of times—he’ll be much worse now.)
9.这是他的问题,不是他可以随便推卸给你的。(It is his problem, not something he should unload onto you.)
10.他向朋友倾诉衷肠。(He unloaded himself to his friend.)
11.我向他倾吐我的种种烦恼。(I unloaded all my troubles on him.)
12.孩子托付给你看管我就放心了。(It takes a load off my mind to leave the kid in your charge.)
13.你这么一说我就一块大石头落地了。(It’s a big load off my mind to hear you say that.)
14.你如何解释失业仍在攀升这一事实呢?(How do you account for the fact that unemployment is still rising?)
15.让事实去说话吧。(Let the facts speak for themselves.)
16.浦东的进一步开发为受过教育的年轻人开创了新的就业机会。(The further development of Pudong has opened up new employment opportunities for educated young people.)
17.在一开始申明自己是无辜的之后,他整个审判过程中都保持着沉默,甚至没有再多说一句为自己辩护的话。(After claiming that he was innocent at the very beginning, he kept silent throughout the trial, and did not even try to say one more word for his own defense.)
18.房价不断升升降降,但最终会平稳下来的。(House prices keep rising and falling but they should eventually even out.)
19.这家公司去年基本上是盈亏持平。(The company just about broke even last year.)
20.我限定自己每天只抽五支烟。(I confine myself to five cigarettes a day.)
21.多年来她一直被一种强烈的内疚感困扰着。(For years she was haunted by a sharp sense of guilt.)
22.惊慌与痛苦早已过去,她仍心有余悸。(Long after the panic and the pain had passed, she was haunted by the experience.)
23.衡山路上那家酒吧是在上海的外国人最喜欢光顾的地方。(That pub on Hengshan Road is a favorite haunt for foreigners in Shanghai.)
24.当我今天早上到达办公室的时候,我发现我所有的钥匙都锁在里面了。我打电话叫了一位开锁人,他很快便赶到了。他开始弄锁,而我则到教室去看看学生。当我10分钟后回来时,看到门开着—那人已经没费什么气力就把锁打开了。(When I got to my office this morning, I found that all my keys had been locked inside. I called for a key man and he arrived very soon. He started working on it, and I went to the class to see the students. When I returned 10 minutes later, I saw the door was open—the man had opened it without much difficulty.)
25.她建议破例处理。(She suggested that an exception be made.)
26.我陷入深思,突然间计上心来。(I plunged into deep thinking, and then suddenly, a good idea suggested itself.)
27.我告诉过他,即使他白送,我也不会要他那辆车的。(I have told him that even if he gives his car to me for free, I will not take it.)
28.什么?那辆车你仅花了1万块?那简直就是白送的价格了!(What? You only paid 10 thousand yuan for that car? That was a giveaway price!)
29.他颇有些费力地站起身来出去了,没再多说一句话。(He pulled himself up and went out without another word.)
30.床底下积了很多灰尘。(There is a collection of dust under the bed.)
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