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取消农业税:The agricultural tax was rescinded
财税体制:fiscal and taxation systems
载人航天飞行:Manned spaceflights
月球探测工程:moon exploration project
免费义务教育:Free compulsory education
城乡公共文化服务体系:urban and rural system of public cultural services
民主法制建设:democracy and the legal system
城镇居民人均可支配收入:Urban per capita annual disposable income
农村居民人均纯收入:rural per capita annual net income
社会保障体系:a social safety net
全面建设小康社会:building a moderately prosperous society in all respects
综合国力:overall national strength
科学发展观:Scientific Outlook on Development
宏观调控:macroeconomic regulation
存款准备金率:required reserve ratio
存贷款基准利率:benchmark interest rates for savings and loans
出口退税:export tax rebates
前沿技术研究:leading-edge technologies
第三代移动通信:third generation mobile communications
超级杂交水稻:super-hybrid rice
自主知识产权:Chinese intellectual property rights
青藏铁路:The Qinghai-Tibet Railway
三峡工程:Three Gorges Project
西电东送、西气东输:the projects to send electricity and gas from China's western region to the eastern region
南水北调工程:the project to divert water from southern China to northern China
节能减排:saving energy and reducing emissions
股份制改革:stockholding system in SOEs
上市:be listed on stock markets
股权分置改革: reform of the shareholder structure
制假售假: sale of counterfeit goods
非法传销: pyramid scheme
商业欺诈: commercial frau
盗版侵权: piracy and infringement on others' rights
进口配额: import quotas
“走出去”战略: "go global" strategy
人才强国战略: The strategy of reinvigorating China through development of human resources
应急医疗救治体系: emergency medical response system
妇幼保健院: health centers for women and children
国有企业下岗职工再就业: finding other employment opportunities for workers laid off from SOEs
失业保险: unemployment insurance system
养老保险制度: basic old-age insurance system
合作医疗制度: rural cooperative medical care
拖欠农民工工资: The problem of arrears in the wages of rural migrant workers in urban areas
退役军人: demobilized military personnel
储蓄存款利息税率: The tax on interest earnings from individual savings deposits
个人所得税起征点: the earnings threshold for the individual income tax
房屋拆迁:housing demolition
农民工:rural migrant workers
不良贷款:nonperforming loans
遏制“台独”分裂活动:opposed and foiled secessionist activities aimed at Taiwan independence
反腐败斗争:combat corruption
商业贿赂:combating bribery
失职渎职行为:neglect and dereliction of duty

1. 无主语句的翻译
Major progress was made in the reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), the financial system, fiscal and taxation systems, the system of foreign trade and economic cooperation, and the administrative system. China has entered a new stage in developing a more open economy. Total volume of imports and exports reached $2.17 trillion in 2007, raising China from the sixth largest trading nation in the world to the third largest.

  Good progress was made in efforts to make China more innovative, and a number of major scientific and technological innovations with international impact were made. Manned spaceflights and our first moon exploration project were successfully carried out.

  Steady improvement was made in the urban and rural system of public cultural services. Significant progress was made in reform of the cultural management system, and the development of cultural programs and cultural industries was accelerated. The Shanghai Special Olympics was successfully held. Preparations for the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai proceeded smoothly.

  We deepened reform of the externally oriented economic system to facilitate trade and investment. We lifted controls over access to foreign trade, greatly lowered tariffs, rescinded non-tariff measures such as import quotas and permits, and opened banking, commerce, telecommunications and other service sectors wider. There was gradual improvement in the mix of imports and exports. There was further improvement in the utilization of foreign capital. The "go global" strategy was resolutely implemented and significant results were obtained in mutually beneficial economic cooperation with other countries

2. 长句的断句:

All these improvements fully demonstrate that during the past five-year period great strides were made in carrying out reform and opening up and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. During this time the productive forces and overall national strength were significantly improved, social programs were comprehensively developed, people received even greater benefits and China's international standing and influence constantly grew.
Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), governments at all levels and people of all the ethnic groups in China diligently followed the guiding principles set out at the Sixteenth CPC National Congress and worked in concert and with dedication. We vigorously responded to the complex and volatile international environment, strove to overcome various difficulties hindering economic and social development, and prevailed over the sudden and severe outbreak of SARS and catastrophic natural disasters such as the recent snow and ice storms in the south that the region has rarely seen before. We made major achievements in reform, opening up and modernization, which attracted the attention of the world.

3. 并列结构的处理
    The Qinghai-Tibet Railway was opened to traffic a year ahead of time; the Three Gorges Project is fully playing its designed role in flood prevention, power generation and shipping; the projects to send electricity and gas from China's western region to the eastern region are fully operational; the project to divert water from southern China to northern China is progressing smoothly; and construction has been started on a number of major projects such as the Xiluodu Hydroelectric Plant, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, a ten million-ton capacity oil refinery and a million-ton capacity ethylene plant.

We endeavored to make macroeconomic regulation more proactive, responsive and effective, with the focus on resolving major problems affecting economic operation. Over the past few years, we tightened controls on the supplies of land and credit, raised market access requirements, adjusted financial and monetary policies as needed, improved industrial policies and the land policy, adjusted the economic structure, shored up weak links and effectively regulated economic operation to address problems such as overheated growth in fixed asset investment, excessive supplies of money and credit, excessively large trade surplus, and weakness in agriculture, the foundation of the economy, which could cause economic development to become unstable, unbalanced and unsustainable.

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