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王晓波:news digest 21-30(高口)
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21 | China, Not-So-Free Trade
Beijing has cried foul to the World Trade Organization (WTO) after being whacked with a 35% U.S. tariff on Chinese tires in what some fear could lead to an escalating trade war. The U.S. argues that cheap imports were harming its tire industry; China has said it might limit U.S. auto and chicken imports in response.
U.S. Trade Barriers: Shots Heard Round the World
Ronald Reagan imposes a 49% tariff on Japanese motorcycles at the request of Harley-Davidson. Three years later, Harley says it is no longer needed, and Reagan repeals it
George H.W. Bush extends Reagan-era steel-import quotas--limiting them to 20% of the U.S. market--for an additional 2½ years
Bill Clinton threatens Japan with a 100% tariff on luxury cars unless Tokyo eases its regulations against U.S. automakers. An 11th-hour deal scuppers the tariff
George W. Bush imposes tariffs of up to 30% on imported steel in an effort to bolster the struggling U.S. industry. Facing a possible trade war with Europe and an official WTO rebuke, he repeals them in 2003
cry foul 鸣冤叫屈
whack 重击
tariff 关税
escalate 升级
Harley-Davidson 哈雷摩托车 △
repeal 废除,撤销
quota 配额
luxury cars 豪华车
scupper 毁掉
bolster 援助,支撑
rebuke 谴责
22 | Washington, Crime Falls; Inequality Persists
Despite predictions that the Great Recession would foment a wave of lawlessness, U.S. crime dropped 1.9% from 2007 to 2008, according to statistics compiled by the FBI. Violent crimes were down across the board, and rapes fell to their lowest level in 20 years. But the news is not all good: burglary spiked, and black men remained about six times as likely as white men to be murdered.
foment 煽动,引发
lawlessness 不法行为
across the board 全面
spike 上升
23 | Paris, Carbon Emissions Plunge
The recession has its silver linings. According to a forthcoming report by the International Energy Agency, sluggish trade, dwindling industrial output and greener government policies have put global carbon dioxide emissions on track to drop 2.6% in 2009, the largest slide in 40 years. Analysts hope the dip will bolster efforts to reach a new climate pact in Copenhagen in December. But so far, despite repeated calls for action, world leaders have made scant progress toward replacing the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012.
plunge 骤降,下跌
silver linings 指黑暗中的一线曙光,困难情况下的希望
sluggish 不景气的,缓慢的
dwindling 不断减少的
industrial output 工业产值
dip 下降
bolster 支持
pact 协定,条约
scant 不足的,不充分的
Kyoto Protocol 京都议定书 △
24 | Washington, Senate Focuses on Health Care
More than 500 amendments have been submitted for the 10-year, $856 billion health-care bill proposed by Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus, but it remains to be seen how many will make it in. While the Montana lawmaker has said he doesn't expect to materially alter the bill's structure, he plans to use the markup period to address concerns from fellow Democrats over its cost. Baucus not only must keep the 13 Democrats on the 23-member committee on board but also hopes to woo Senator Olympia Snowe, the sole Republican member expected to vote for the package.
amendments 修订
materially 实质上,重大地
alter 改变
markup period 这里指美国国会议案审定期 △
25 | Washington, U.S. Poverty on the Rise
According to new U.S. Census data, the recession has hit middle- and low-income families hardest, widening the gulf between them and the rich. Lower incomes boosted poverty rates in 31 states and Washington, D.C., from 2007 to 2008, compared with increases in just 10 states the year before. Overall, the U.S. rate hit an 11-year high of 13.2%, while the number of Americans receiving food stamps rose 13%.
census 人口普查
gulf 鸿沟
food stamps 食品券,多发放给贫民与失业者
26 | Indonesia, Earthquake Shakes Sumatra
A 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck Padang, a city of 900,000 on the northwest island of Sumatra, cutting power and telephone lines and trapping thousands of people underneath collapsed buildings. The initial death toll of 75 is expected to rise as victims are pulled from the rubble. Aftershocks triggered landslides and were felt as far away as Malaysia and Singapore. Hours earlier, a quake in the Pacific had sent a tsunami crashing into Samoa and American Samoa, killing at least 100.
Sumatra 苏门答腊
magnitude 这里表示震级
initial 初步的
rubble 废墟
aftershock 余震
landslide 山体滑坡
tsunami 海啸
27 | BEIJING, China military spotlighted in national day parade
China's biggest military parade in a decade will show off an army bristling with formidable new capabilities and deliver a potent message to the U.S. and others not to underestimate Beijing's determination to defend its interests at home and abroad. The military display is expected to be the centerpiece of a grandiose parade through Beijing on Oct. 1 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic. A preview rumbled through the Chinese capital a week ago, giving an excited citizenry and foreign military analysts a first-time glimpse at some cutting-edge weaponry.
military parade 阅兵
bristle with 这里表示充满,以…装备
formidable 强大的,可怕的
potent 强有力的
underestimate 低估
centerpiece 这里表示中心
grandiose 宏伟的
rumble 发出轰鸣
citizenry 公民
cutting-edge weaponry 尖端武器
28 | Stockholm, Science Stars Take a Bow
The first of this year's Nobel Prizes celebrated advances in harnessing light and understanding cells. Nine scientists (eight of them U.S. citizens) shared honors in physics, medicine and chemistry for work that has contributed to photography and antibiotics research, among other fields. Each prize includes a $1.4 million award.
take a bow 鞠躬答谢
harness 利用
antibiotics 抗生素
29| Washington, Challenge for Obama after Peace Prize Shock
Barack Obama yesterday received the Nobel peace prize just 263 days after taking office, triggering praise and incredulity across the world over a decision that rewards him more for promise than achievement. The US president said he was “surprised and humbled” by the Norwegian Nobel committee's decision, adding that he felt unworthy to be counted among the “transformative figures” of history who had previously won the prize. The Nobel Committee praised Mr. Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”, citing his fledgling push for nuclear disarmament and his reaching out to the Muslim world.
taking office 就职
incredulity 怀疑,不相信
humbled 谦卑的
transformative figures 变革人物,起到重大作用的人
fledgling 初出茅庐的,刚开始的
nuclear disarmament 核裁军
30| Thailand, HIV Vaccine: A False Positive?
Closer scrutiny of last month's report of the first successfully tested AIDS vaccine suggests scientists spoke too soon. Analysis of a subset of data found that the vaccine's benefit may not be statistically significant; odds of being protected from infection could be no better than chance. Critics say the study's authors should have waited to publicize the results until after other scientists had vetted them.
vaccine 疫苗
a false positive 这里positive原指“HIV呈阳性”,这里false positive表示“检测有误”,暗合艾滋病疫苗研究成果可能不成立
scrutiny 仔细检查
subset 子集
odds 可能性
publicize 公布
vet 诊疗,检查

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